Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date on Netflix – Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Premiere Date on Netflix
Absolute Beginners Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Absolute Beginners — ✔️ October, 2024

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Absolute Beginners Storyline & Synopsis

The show centers around the story of two best friends Niko and Lena. Lena and Niko and Niko who, with the intention of going to film school, create a serious film independently. But, a new acquaintance is the catalyst for their relationship and the project they love so much to shift. The producers of the film comprise Kamila Tarabura, and Nina Lewandowska, who sought to tell an enthralling tale about friendship’s power, emotions, youthful love attraction, and the need to be accepted whatever age.

It’s summer, the Polish sea. 19-year-old Lena along with her friend Niko make a daring movie about love in order to go to film school. If a newcomer from the camp in the distance The heroes will feel joy, excitement and free will. This is the end of the vacation of their lives.

The story follows two long-time friends, Lena and Niko who share a passion for cinema. They discover in that unforgettable summer they share more than a pastime. It all thanks to a brand new character in their lives – the rebellious and free Igor who is a friend at their Polish beach which is where they spend their summer with their families.

Young actors get their first appearances in principal role: Martyna Byczkowska (“Na chwile”, na Zawsze (2022)”, “Skazana”), Bartlomiej Deklewa (“Sexify 2”, “BringBackAlice”) and Jan Salasinski (“Green Border”) Additionally, we will watch Katarzyna Warsnke on the screen, Piotr Witkowski Anna Krotoska, Andrzej Konopka as well as Paulina Krzyzanska.

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Absolute Beginners Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Absolutni debiutanci Aka Absolute Beginners Season 2 (2024)
Network: Netflix
Main Cast: Martyna Byczkowska, Bartłomiej Deklewa, Jan Sałasiński
Genres: Drama, Romance

Cast of Absolute Beginners Season 2

Martyna Byczkowska
Bartłomiej Deklewa
Jan Sałasiński
Paulina Krzyżańska
Katarzyna Warnke
Piotr Witkowski
Anna Krotoska
Andrzej Konopka
Julian Świeżewski

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