Almost Paradise Season 3 Release date on Amazon Freevee – Cast, Story, Trailer

Almost Paradise Season 3 Premiere Date on Amazon Freevee
Almost Paradise Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 3 of Almost Paradise — ⌛ 2024

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Almost Paradise Storyline & Synopsis

Almost Paradise revolves around Alex Walker who was an ex-US DEA agent who was forced to retire early. One of the most innovative DEA undercover agents The combination of his ally’s treachery and an ongoing battle with hypertension that threatens his life has led the man as far away from his madness as he could… the island is a tiny tropical island located in the Philippine archipelago.

The channel, via the SFR Box, provides only in France a soap opera that debuted this month in the United States, which has the distinction that it is the only American show that has been completely produced within the Philippines. The reason is simple: Almost Paradise is an invitation to travel, and takes place on a paradisiac island within an archipelago… Paradise, is it really?

His once-secluded island is now an absolute landmark for tourists who are a fan of jet skis and partying as well, but it is also, more important, a place that is favored by the most ruthless criminals in all different parts of the globe. The man who wanted to be occupied with managing an online shop for souvenirs, but becomes involved in dark battles… In spite of the doctor’s advice, the force is stronger than him: it’s finally a high-risk retirement for Alex Walker’s business in the Philippines!

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Almost Paradise Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Almost Paradise Season 3 (2024)
Network: Amazon Freevee
Main Cast: Christian Kane, Arthur Acuña, Samantha Richelle
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Cast of Almost Paradise Season 3

Christian Kane As Alex Walker
Samantha Richelle As Kai Mendoza
Arthur Acuña As Ernesto Alamares
Nonie Buencamino As Ike Ocampo
Sophia Reola As Rita Cordero
John Storey As Lockhart
Dante Basco
Max Collins
Mikey Bustos
Eric Tai As Stretch
Maritina Romulo As Linda
Michael Roy Jornales As Big Bones
Jairus Aquino As Angelo
Mark McMahon As Juan

Almost Paradise Season 2 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Magellan CrossJuly 21, 2023
2Breaking BadmintonJuly 21, 2023
3A Fisherfolk TaleJuly 21, 2023
4Bahala NaJuly 21, 2023
5Deus Ex-Wife MachinaJuly 21, 2023
6Ghost MonthJuly 21, 2023
7All InJuly 21, 2023
8UncoupledJuly 21, 2023
9Old TimesJuly 21, 2023
10BrigadeJuly 21, 2023

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