Big Bet Season 2 Premiere Date on Hulu: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Big Bet Storyline

Being raised by an unjust father and in living in poverty, Cha Moosik tries his best to live. After a stint as an English teacher, he creates his fortune within the gambling industry that is underground. Big Bet is the latest Disney K-drama, which revolves around the criminality of gambling and the world of criminality. In the middle of all this is Moo-Sik. He’s a person with a dark past and a recurrent addiction to betting. Sometimes this pays off, but when you reach the highest heights, there come the lowest lows.

Cha Moosik runs a casino bar but then fled to the Philippines because of a crackdown by The National Tax Service. He creates a full-time casino and plans on winning over the business and political groups that are in place within the Philippines. Cha Moo Sik has made his mark within the realm of gaming in the Philippines and as much as he’s built strong connections, however, he’s had enemies too. He’s rich and powerful and has connections to high-ranking officials, politicians, as well as the mafia.

Min-sik Chui might not sound familiar to many, but the Korean was a global star thanks to his role as the lead in Chan-Wook Park’s Oldboy. If you’re a little person who is a fan of the more popular K-films will likely remember the moment in which his character, who was a former businessman who is wrongfully imprisoned, steps out of the prison and is eating a live squid in the restaurant.

Big Bet Season 2 Premiere Date

Big Bet Season 2 Premiere Date on Hulu
Big Bet Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Big Bet Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ 15 February 2023

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Show Information

TV Series: Big Bet Season 2 (2023)
Network: Hulu
Main Cast: Choi Min Shik, Lee Dong Hwi, Son Seok Koo
Genre: Drama

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