Big Nate Season 3 Premiere Date on Paramount+: Renewed and Cancelled?

Big Nate Season 3 Premiere Date on Paramount+
Big Nate Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Big Nate Season 3 Premiere Date — 2024

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Big Nate Story

Adventures of Big Nate are coming to Paramount+. Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s latest animated TV series will be based on the popular children’s books and comic books written and drawn by the acclaimed cartoonist and author Lincoln Peirce and will have 26 hilarious episodes that follow the 11-year-old Nate and his best buddies when they go to school in the sixth grade. It’s scheduled to premiere in the spring of next year on the streaming service with premium content Paramount+, in the United States, Latin America, Canada, and Australia.

New original stories focus on Nate, a young man who is never able to show his brilliance in the eyes of everyone. When faced with catastrophes at home or being detained on the school grounds, Nate Wright finds himself confronted. He is fortunate to be capable of expressing himself through the world of cartoons that he has created. They are attractive, playful, and an awe-inspiring source of excitement There is always entertainment when Nate is in the vicinity.

Show Information

TV Series: Big Nate Season 3 (2024)
Network: Paramount+
Main Cast: Ben Giroux, Jack Black, Michael Rivkin
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Cast of Big Nate Season 3

Ben Giroux As Nate Wright
Daniel Mk Cohen As Francis
Arnie Pantoja As Teddy
Brian Ramirez Perez As Nate Wright
Bryce Charles As Dee Dee
Charlie Schlatter As Chad
Elías Gutiérrez As Francis
Gabriela Céspedes As Dee Dee
Lisa Kay Jennings As Gina
Kevin Michael Richardson As Principal Nichols
Rob Delaney As Martin
Michael Rivkin As Mr. Galvin

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