Bust Down Season 2 Premiere Date on Peacock: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Bust Down Story

The French series tells the story of Fred the mother of 3 daughters who are from his three ex-loves. He gets care of his daughters during weekends which can be turbulent as the girls have distinct personalities and different preferences. The weekend is further crowded with the frequent visit of his three ex-lovers which add to the drama and chaos. Fred is in love for the four times with Emmanuelle.

The first French production is now available on the American huge Disney+. With the former Robin Hood Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval ( Pef ) director of the first four of 8 episodes. The weekend Family mini-series follows the journey of the “super blended” family from Friday through Sunday. While reading the synopsis may seem like deja vu but watching the initial episodes is just as fresh and vibrant.

A little jolly, fresh and vibrant, we instantly allowed ourselves to be seduced by this zany and fun band, whose music is like “Do not do this, do not do that”. However, quickly, the songs are unable to keep up and amaze. Maybe because the story of the mother-in-law battling the children of her partner is no longer very original.

When is Bust Down Season 2 Returning

Bust Down Season 2 Premiere Date on Peacock
Bust Down Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Bust Down Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ 2023
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Show Information

TV Series: Bust Down Season 2 (2023)
Network: Peacock
Main Cast: Chris Redd, Jak Knight, Sam Jay
Genre: Comedy

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  1. I’m sorry to say that even though I enjoyed watching this series I know I will lose my attention of watching season 2 next year. Food luck on your show though!


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