Dom Season 2 Premiere Date on Prime Video: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Dom Season 2 Premiere Date on Prime Video
Dom Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Dom Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ 17 March 2023

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Dom Storyline & Synopsis

Dom is a story about Pedro who is a charming middle-class man who hails from Rio de Janeiro and who falls addicted to cocaine during his teens and is eventually the leader of a gang of criminals that runs the Rio tabloids. Pedro Dom. The story is also about Pedro’s father Victor Dantas, who makes a discovery in deep in the ocean when he was a teenager. He reports it to authorities and later joins the police.

The interesting part of this tale is that Pedro’s father has become a highly respected agent with the intelligence agency. In his role as a policeman, Victor hopes to rid the city of criminals and drug use. Yet, trying to get his addicted son in the right direction. Pedro and Victor have different lives however, they both have to deal with situations that blur the distinction between the good and the bad.

To him, giving his life to one of the most well-known and wanted criminals across the United States (when in the flesh) is a task that requires lots of work from him, in many ways. Certain were actually frequented Pedro who made the whole thing more authentic and intense. The film tells the full story of the introduction to cocaine in Rio de Janeiro and the change in the city due to it.

Dom Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Dom Season 2 (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Main Cast: Gabriel Leone, Filipe Bragança, Flávio Tolezani
Genres: Crime, Drama

Cast of Dom

Gabriel Leone As Pedro Dom
Filipe Bragança As Victor Dantas
Flávio Tolezani As Victor Dantas
Mariana Cerrone As Laura
Raquel Villar As Jasmin
Laila Garin As Marisa
Digão Ribeiro As Ármario
Isabella Santoni As Viviane
Ramon Francisco As Lico
Wilson Rabelo As Arcanjo

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