Fellow Travelers Season 1 start on Showtime October 27, 2023 – Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Fellow Travelers Season 1 Premiere Date on Showtime
Fellow Travelers Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Fellow Travelers — ✔️ October 27, 2023

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Fellow Travelers Storyline & Synopsis

Based on the novel written by Thomas Mallon, Fellow Travelers is an engaging look into the politics of the day with a hint of romance (and the abs to match).

The series starts in an era of turmoil, the time of McCarthyism which was the time when the search to find communists (and gays) was in full force within the United States. Over the course of several decades, we’ll follow the romance of Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer) an unpopular politician along with Tim Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey).

When the two eras meet this film traces Hawkins his political career his questions regarding his sexuality, and his relationship with a woman in order to keep his appearance.

There are also sneaky glimpses of some photos from an LGBT club in the 1970s. However, the numerous photos of bodies-to-body relations and kisses indicate that sexuality will be around. We’re all set to embark on this adventure!

According to certain news outlets like Naity Fair, the sex scenes are going to be in the same direction that mainstream TV hasn’t yet. The producer Robbie Rogers explained that they will not be shocking, but the hope was that, by watching these scenes, viewers would realize that the network was bold and that, as an openly gay man He wanted to show an accurate representation of the relationship between two males emotionally as well as physical level.

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Through more than four decades Hawk as well as Tim crossed paths during The Vietnam War protests of the 1960s and the booze-fueled disco spirit of the 1970s and the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, all with the same challenges facing them within and outside of their own lives.

The new series will take a look at the entire incident and will utilize audio recordings of the incident and recreate a few of the incidents that have been reported.

Fellow Travelers Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Fellow Travelers Season 1 (2023)
Network: Showtime
Main Cast: Matt Bomer, Will Brill, Jonathan Bailey
Genres: Drama, Romance

Cast of Fellow Travelers Season 1

Matt Bomer As Hawkins ‘Hawk’ Fuller
Jonathan Bailey As Tim Laughlin
Will Brill As Roy Cohn
Noah J. Ricketts As Frankie Hines
Andy Milne As Andre
Erin Neufer As Mary Johnson
Keara Graves As Miss Addison
Jane Moffat As Helen3 episodes, 2023
David Tomlinson As Eddie Kofler
Michael Therriault As Fred Treband
Etienne Kellici As Jackson
Ben Sanders As Bobby Kennedy
Teagan Sellers As Young Kimberly
Barrett Polsky As Girl at memorial
Jim Chad As Bar Patron
Joseph Daly As Guard

Fellow Travelers Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1You’re WonderfulFri Oct 27, 2023
2BulletproofFri, Nov 3, 2023
3Hit MeFri, Nov 10, 2023
4Your Nuts Roasting on an Open FireFri, Nov 17, 2023
5Promise You Won’t WriteFri, Nov 24, 2023
6Beyond MeasureFri, Dec 1, 2023
7White NightsFri, Dec 8, 2023
8Make it EasyFri, Dec 15, 2023

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