Heartbreak High Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix: Renewed and Cancelled?

Heartbreak High Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix
Heartbreak High Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Heartbreak High Season 3 Premiere Date — ✔️ April 26, 2025

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Heartbreak High is an Australian Drama-Romance TV Series (2022-Present). Heartbreak High is set to release onSaturday, April 26, 2025, at 6 pm PT on Netflix. Heartbreak High Season 3 cast: Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden.
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Heartbreak High Story

The Australian teens’ show about love poverty, diversity, and the plight of an elementary college in Sydney was telecast on TV in more than 70 countries which included Belgium through that time BRTN. Heartbreak High, the Netflix remake of the 90s Australian popular show of a similar name is a fresh and modern show like the original 30 years ago.

The reason for this is that the show’s writer and director Hannah Carroll Chapman – an avid lover of the first made a decision early during the process that she wasn’t going to create a new series for fans who have been around for a long time. Instead, she wanted to offer teens today what she was able to offer when she was her age which was a Heartbreak High of her own.

A shocking incident in Hartley High leaves Amerie suddenly locked out, which causes tension between her with her close friend Harper. With the help of her newly-found acquaintances Quinni along with Darren, Amerie does everything she can to regain her image. In Australia, the series has been able to reach the top spot in popularity and is currently on the Netflix top 10 for 46 other countries.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Heartbreak High Season 3’?

Show Information

TV Series: Heartbreak High (2022-Present)
Network: Netflix
Main Cast: Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden
Genres: Drama, Romance

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Heartbreak High Season 3’?

Ayesha Madon – Amerie Wadia
Chloe Hayden – Quinni Gallagher-Jones
James Majoos – Darren Rivers
Asher Yasbincek – Harper McLean
Thomas Weatherall – Malakai Mitchell
Will McDonald – Ca$h
Bryn Chapman Parish – Spider
Sherry-Lee Watson – Missy Beckett
Gemma Chua-Tran – Sasha So
Brodie Townsend – Ant Vaughn
Chika Ikogwe – Jojo Obah

Heartbreak High Season 2 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Thu Apr 11, 2024
2Episode 2Thu Apr 11, 2024
3Episode 3Thu Apr 11, 2024
4Episode 4Thu Apr 11, 2024
5Episode 5Thu Apr 11, 2024
6Episode 6Thu Apr 11, 2024
7Episode 7Thu Apr 11, 2024
8Episode 8Thu Apr 11, 2024

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