Los Billis Season 2 Coming to Prime Video: Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Los Billis Season 2 Premiere Date on Prime VIdeo
Los Billis Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Los Billis — ✔️ November 14, 2024

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Los Billis Storyline & Synopsis

Based on real events “Los billis” is a coming-of-age tale about an enigmatic group of people from Multicentro, a neighborhood of the upper class located in Bogota that is home to the most significant and first shopping mall of the day.

It is narrated by The Indian, a teenager who is quickly aspiring to be the most fearsome and feared, their rage transforms into a group that is admired by their clothes and events, and they become an untruth. But, when their desire for power grows out of hand Los Billis will have to accept that the world beyond their events can be quite cruel.

In eight episodes, a variety of “roles” from the eighties will travel back in time to study the fashion trends as well as the dialect and manner of conduct which many wanted to replicate as well as will look at the development of social problems that landed some of the members in the graveyard or prison or even in poverty due to the selling of drugs and violence in theft.

Los Billis was filmed in Bogota and Medellin and captures the beauty and culture that characterized the 80s of Colombia. Costumes, songs, and sets are meticulously designed to transport viewers to a period of change and possibility.

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“Los Billis,” a series consisting of eight episodes with a duration of 35 minutes, will be added to the catalog of international TV and film shows that are part of Prime Video. Prime Video catalog, including Colombian Amazon Original productions such as ‘Cochina Envy’ “Gospel,” “Primate,” and ‘A Cry Wounded’, and many more. All are winners of audiovisual Investment Certificates – CINA of Law 1556, issued through the National Government and administered by the Colombian Film Commission.

Los Billis Season 2 Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Los Billis Season 2 (2024)
Network: Prime VIdeo
Main Cast: Julian Zuluaga M, Francisca Estevez, Santiago Rodríguez
Genre: Drama

Cast of Los Billis Season 2

Julian Zuluaga M As David
Santiago Rodríguez As Indio
Francisca Estevez As Andrea
Nicolás Santa As Leo
Mayppel As Lady Dani
Camilo Amores As Yor
Angela Rodriguez As Maria Fernanda
Camila Jurado As Silvana
Luis Fernando Hoyos As Gustavo Peláez
Julián Arango As Adult David Narrator
Sergio Herrera As Diego
Jacobo Millan As Sebastián
Ilenia Antonini As Alicia
Valentina Duque As Mariana
Cecilia Navia As Helena Peláez
Juan Camilo Laverde As Fernando
Roberto Cano As Ernesto Vega
Simon Elias As Juan

Los Billis Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Don’t call me “kid”Fri Nov 03, 2023
2Preppy or BilliFri Nov 03, 2023
3A double lifeFri Nov 03, 2023
4Dream, Dream, DreamFri Nov 03, 2023
5Are you up for this?Fri Nov 03, 2023
6A new familyFri Nov 03, 2023
7Shot to hellFri Nov 03, 2023
8The one and onlyFri Nov 03, 2023

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