Maestra the Strings Truth (마에스트라) Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, Trailer

Maestra: Strings of Truth Season 1 Premiere Date on tvN
Maestra: Strings of Truth Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Maestra: Strings of Truth — ✔️ December 9, 2023

New ❄️ Winter 2023-2024 TV Show Premiere
Maestra: Strings of Truth (마에스트라) is a South Korean Drama-Fantasy TV Series (2023). Maestra: Strings of Truth is scheduled to be released on Saturday, November 9, 2023, at 5:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET on tvN. Maestra: Strings of Truth cast: Lee Young-Ae, Hwang Boreumbyeol, Lee Mu-Saeng.

Maestra: Strings of Truth Storyline & Synopsis

“Maestra” is a saga drama that follows Cha Se-eum is a female conductor who makes up just 5 percent of the world’s top maestras or genius legend, seeks the truth regarding the orchestra’s events while concealing her true identity. Lee Young-ae, the actress who plays her, is drawing media attention for her transformation into show-off genius Cha Se-eum who is a spirited, bold and is sometimes able to do things that are not conventional without hesitation.

Han Jin-hee portrayed the character of Kang Inhan, the first violinist principal of the Hangang Philharmonic Orchestra led by Cha Se-eum (played by Lee Young-ae). Kang In-han is one the few male violinists of his age who are part of the Hangang Philharmonic Orchestra and a peacemaker with a kind as well as a warm and loving heart. He is more prone than others to ensure his peace and the tranquility of members of the Hangang Philharmonic Orchestra.

Han Jin-hee was the character of a slacker on the screenplay ‘Miho’. The film received the Audience Award at the 7th Chungmuro Film Festival – Director’s Week for her impressive performance. In addition, she played the part as aspiring actor Yeon-woo’s ex-boyfriend in the film of her own “This Americano” and was praised for her sincere and delicate acting. received.

Popular Now

So, anticipations are high for the way Han Jin-hee, a newcomer who is being recognized by an independent movie industry will collaborate alongside Lee Young-ae on tvN’s “Maestra”. Lim Seong-gyun, a rookie who made an impact on viewers when she played Kim Jin-su as the childhood companion of Kim Jin-hee (Choi Soo-young) in Genie TV’s first drama ‘Namnam’. He then went on to be a part of the drama ‘Escape of Seven’.

“Maestra” is enhancing Lee Young-ae’s performance through her enthusiasm and energy. Particularly when it comes to her conductor’s film it is stated that she was conducting directly to classical music during the moment of filming. This gives viewers an impression of extraordinary energy and energy.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’?

Show Information

TV Series: Maestra the Strings Truth (마에스트라) Season 1 (2023)
Network: tvN
Main Cast: Lee Young-Ae, Hwang Boreumbyeol, Lee Mu-Saeng
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Music

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’?

Lee Young-Ae As Cha Se-Eum
Hwang Boreumbyeol As Lee Ru-Na
Lee Mu-Saeng As Yoo Jung-Jae
Kim Young-Jae As Kim Pil
Jeong Dong-Hwan As Cha Ki-Baek
Park Ho-San As Jeon Sang-Do
Ye Soo-Jung As Bae Jung-Hwa
Lee Si-Won As Lee A-Jin
Kim Young-Ah As Lee Hye-Jung
Jin So-Yeon As Kwon Soo-Jin
Lee Byung-Joon As Oh Hyun-Seok
Lee Jung-Yeol As Park Jae-Man
Kim Min-Kyu As Kim Tae-Ho

Maestra: Strings of Truth Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Sat Dec 09, 2023
2Episode 2Sun Dec 10, 2023
3Episode 3Sat Dec 16, 2023
4Episode 4Sat Dec 17, 2023
5Episode 5Sat Dec 23, 2023
6Episode 6Sat Dec 24, 2023
7Episode 7Sat Dec 30, 2023
8Episode 8Sat Dec 31, 2023
9Episode 9Sat Jan 06, 2024
10Episode 10Sat Jan 07, 2024
11Episode 11Sat Jan 13, 2024
12Episode 12Sat Jan 14, 2024

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