Maria Wern Season 9 Release Date on TV4 – Cast, Story, Trailer

Maria Wern Season 9 Premiere Date on TV4
Maria Wern Season 9 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 9 of Maria Wern — ✔️ August 14, 2023

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Maria Wern Storyline & Synopsis

Maria Wern (Eva Rose) and her team must tackle four cases that occurred on Gotland. The latest case involves an explosion at an exercise for the military as well as a murder among youth gangs as well as brutal robberies that occurred during Trot Week in Visby and an unidentified demented man who was missing with a shotgun are all being investigated.

The story takes place in Gotland it is an adaptation of protagonists from Anna’s novels about detectives. Eva Rose plays the main character of Maria Wern and her colleagues played by Erik Johansson. It’s been extremely informative working with the authors and elevate our show to a new dimension.

Viewers will be able to follow four fresh cases on Gotland. Maria Wern (Eva Rose) and Sebastian (Erik “Jerka” Johansson) are expecting to see an increase in their workloads in the cases of a promising young soccer player that is discovered deceased, an alleged contract murder linked to gang violence and a murder in a campfire at a camp site, and a woman who is missing, which is discovered in a vehicle in an end of quarry made of limestone.

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Maria Wern Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Maria Wern Season 9 (2023)
Network: TV4
Main Cast: Eva Röse, Oscar Pettersson, Peter Perski
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast of Maria Wern Season 9

Eva Röse As Maria Wern
Peter Perski As Arvidsson
Oscar Pettersson As Emil Wern
Allan Svensson As Hartman
Erik Johansson As Sebastian
Sigrid Johnson As Linda Wern
Lola Zackow As Sasha
Samuel Astor As Oscar
Tehilla Blad As Iris
Eva Fritjofson As Harriet

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