‘Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl’ Release Date on RTL+ – Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl Season 1 Premiere Date on RTL+
Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl — ✔️ December 11, 2023

New ❄️ Winter 2023-2024 TV Show Premiere
Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl is a German Adventure TV Series (2023). Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl premieres Monday, Dec 11 on RTL+. Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl cast: Florian Brückner, Frederic Linkemann, Maximilian Schafroth.

Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl Storyline & Synopsis

The nephew of Master Eder, Florian who is who is played by Florian Bruckner (born 1984) and his Barbel, his sister Barbel (Ina Meling, 42) have taken over their uncle’s old workshop for carpenters. It has been abandoned for quite a while and will soon be auctioned off. However, a fateful incident transforms everything: Pumuckl becomes stuck to the glue pot once more and is visible to Florian and it is a given that it is now with the nephew of Master Eder. Florian leaves his job, goes into the workshop and makes improvements to the place. The Pumuckl is back to his wits and has a variety of funny jokes.

Pumuckl made his debut in the year 1962 in an radio show series produced by Bavarian Radio. In the years following many books, TV programs, feature films, and commercials were produced before Pumuckl vanished from the stage in the year the year 2008. In addition to the Musical The character developed through Ellis Kaut was no longer appearing on any productions. However, the new series The New Story from Pumuckl which was announced for 2023, will finally bringing the beloved snarky prankster with red hair back — even with his voice from the beginning.

Stories from Pumuckl: New Stories of Pumuckl is a sequel to the popular television show “Master Eder and his Pumuckl” written by Ulrich Konig, which ran from 1982. In the adaptation of the series from 2023 Florian (Florian Bruckner) inherits and his younger sister Barbel (Ina Meling) the workshop of her great-uncle Franz Eder (Gustl Bayrhammer) which was abandoned for over 30 years. The original intention was to dispose of it. However, when strange events happen and it appears that the place is cursed Florian is destined to suffer the same fate that his uncle suffered three decades ago.

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The goblin Pumuckl is responsible for the bizarre happenings in the workshop remains glued to the glue, and is evident to Florian. Once Master Eder’s nephew has come to know him more, Florian realizes that there is no way to sell the house Pumuckl has lived in for years. As a skilled carpenter, he seeks to bring new life back into Pumuckl’s once magical home.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl’?

Show Information

TV Series: Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl Season 1 (2023)
Network: RTL+
Main Cast: Florian Brückner, Frederic Linkemann, Maximilian Schafroth
Genre: Adventure

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl’?

Florian Brückner As Florian Eder
Maximilian Schafroth As Pumuckl
Frederic Linkemann As Michi
Ilse Neubauer As Frau Stürzlinger
Matthias Bundschuh As Lothar Hermann Burke
Maya Reschke As Sophie Klingemann
Jamily Göppel As Charly Klingemann
Tim Koch As Freddy
Anja Knauer As Vicky
Ina Meling As Bärbel Eder
Mira Mazumdar As Klara Meindl
Juliane Dinnebier As Sarah
Alexander Schubert As Herr Klingemann
Herman van Ulzen As Herr Sorgichev
Dela Dabulamanzi As Frau Klingemann
Eko Fresh As DHL-Bote
Emilia Lauterbach As Johanna
Andreja Schneider As DANKA
Gundi Ellert As Martha, Klaras Mutter
Markus Krojer As Olaf Bahnmüller
Katharina Thalbach As Frau Gumberger

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