Parallels Season 1 Premiere Date on Disney+: Cast, Story, Trailer?

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Parallels Plot

The film is set on the border between Switzerland and France, close to Geneva. The high school classmates have a normal life when one fateful evening transforms everything. The teenagers are enjoying an uninhibited party, and they are even planning an unforgettable kiss. But the experiments at Geneva’s Great Hadronicle Accelerator in Geneva could change the entire scene. The lights dim, and when they are turned back on, there’s just one person present. As the other friends gradually show up as adults, they have superhuman powers to control. As a group, the members try to unravel the mystery, while also keeping their bonds close.

The plot sounds quite promising and certainly has the potential. One thing to note is that there’s a mistake. The show was created to be a part of Disney + and you can see it through the video. The show is clearly aimed at younger viewers and is themed around Disney, and the budget was not the largest ( Disney + is pushing lots of funds towards Star Wars and Marvelous, and elsewhere, it is saving more). Of course, we can’t evaluate the show until it’s watched in the near future, but for now, the most enjoyable part is pure pleasure.

Parallels is an account of the lives of four of their friends – Bilal, Romane, Samuel, and Victor whose lives turn upside down when an unsolved incident scatters the group across multiple timelines. The four teens will try their best to comprehend what has been happening and work to return to the stoic innocence of their past lives.

When is Parallels Season 1 Start

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Show Information

TV Series: Parallels Season 1 (2022)
Network: Disney+
Main Cast: Guillaume Labbé, Jules Houplain, Naidra Ayadi
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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