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Rebus Season 2 Premiere Date on BBC iPlayer
Rebus Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Will there be a Season 2 of Rebus — 💔 Cancelled

New 🌻 Spring 2024 TV Show Premiere
Rebus is a United Kingdom Drama TV Series (2024). No, there are no plans for Rebus Season 2 after Season 1 aired in May 17, 2024. Rebus Season 2 cast: Lucie Shorthouse, Thoren Ferguson, Brian Ferguson.
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Rebus Storyline & Synopsis

The six-part series was made into a screenplay created by Gregory Burke who reimagines the character in the early years of his career. Detective Sergeant John Rebus is drawn into a violent crime scene that becomes personal after his brother Michael an ex-military who has crossed the line of criminality. Rebus is caught between his brother’s protection and trying to enforce the law to find Michael in the courtroom.

At the end of the year by the end of this year, the Rebus series will consist comprising 25 books and numerous other short stories written by Rankin. In essence, there’s plenty of stories to draw from within the Rebusverse. The main plot centers around John Rebus, a detective of the Lothian and Borders Police force that is based in Edinburgh. Most of the stories focus around the less deprived parts that are Edinburgh and Glasgow and Glasgow, focusing on the gangs operating in the area.

In the book’s first installment, Knots and Crosses, which was originally planned to be a stand-alone publication, John Rebus is introduced with a detailed background information, including the younger brother, Michael. He’s steadfast and obstinate even to his disadvantage, especially in the realms of his private life. He smokes, drinks and is an ogre when it comes to his coworkers and, in general is a man who operates with a pretty moral and committed policy.

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“At its most effective, a crime story is a political one in the sense that it addresses the causes of crime. The majority of the time it’s because of individuals stuck in the same rut. They can’t find a alternative that’s lawful, so entire life is thrown into chaos.”

Is There a Trailer for ‘Rebus Season 2’?

Show Information

TV Series: Rebus (2024)
Network: BBC iPlayer
Main Cast: Lucie Shorthouse, Thoren Ferguson, Brian Ferguson
Genre: Drama

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Rebus Season 2’?

  • Lucie Shorthouse – DC Siobhan Clarke
  • Brian Ferguson – Michael Rebus
  • Thoren Ferguson – Malcolm Fox
  • Neshla Caplan – Chrissie Rebus
  • Stuart Bowman – Ger Cafferty
  • Aston McAuley – Shaun Strang
  • Cassidy Little – Gary ‘Cammy’ Campbell
  • Cailean Galloway – Liam Rebus
  • Mia McKenzie – Sammy Rebus
  • Patrick O’Brien – Davey Matteson
  • Richard Rankin – John Rebus
  • Amy Manson – Rhona Moncrieffe
  • Michelle Duncan – Maggie Blantyre

Rebus Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Fri May 17, 2024
2Episode 2Fri May 17, 2024
3Episode 3Fri May 17, 2024
4Episode 4Fri May 17, 2024
5Episode 5Fri May 17, 2024
6Episode 6Fri May 17, 2024

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