Renki Season 1 Release Date on Elisa Viihde Viaplay – Synopsis, Trailer?

Renki Season 1 Release Date on Elisa Viihde Viaplay
Renki Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Renki — ✔️ 23 April 2023

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Renki Storyline & Synopsis

The Elisa Vishde original series Renki written by Leo VIRRETRET and written by Pete Risk combines comedy with drama and exuberance. The central character of the show is Petri 40-year-old family man, played by Jussi Award-winning Eero Ritala. Petri is hired as an assistant that is played by Joonas Saartamo and is fighting for love from his family.

It was wonderful to develop an amusing character that explores the exploding of the beta male’s psychological pressure cooker. Renki could be a new type of genre for Finnish television. Nordic comedy, Ritala states in the announcement of the show. Renki is an eight-part drama comedy about the shift in the male stereotype. In the show, the character of a family man who is not practical and who is in his prime is hired to bring a ring into his home, which turns out to be his biggest adversary.

Renki Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Renki Season 1 (2023)
Network: Elisa Viihde Viaplay
Main Cast: Kreeta Salminen, Eero Ritala, Joonas Saartamo
Genre: Drama

Cast of Renki

Kreeta Salminen As Anne
Eero Ritala As Petri
Joonas Saartamo As Jaska
Eemeli Hölttä As Ilmari
Hilma Koskinen As Tyyne
Eedla Höglund As Hilma
Martti Suosalo As Kullervo
Mimosa Willamo As Lilli
Ylermi Rajamaa As Reijo

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