Ridley Season 2 Release date on PBS – Cast, Story, Trailer

Ridley Season 2 Release Date on PBS
Ridley Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Ridley — ⌛ Not Yet Renewed

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Ridley Storyline & Synopsis

The show follows former Detective Alex Ridley (Adrian Dunbar) who retired after many years of service to health issues after the loss of his daughter and wife. The person who will replace him will be Detective Carol Farman whom he has been able to take as a mentor for many years and has taught him everything he knows. Carol is enlisted to assist him with a difficult case, and she needs his expertise in the murder investigation.

In the very first episode, a shepherd is discovered dead on the moors. Carol seeks out Ridley’s assistance in a case that’s been unsolved for 13 years. The case involves the disappearance of Hannah Lindsay. Ridley believes that they’re on the wrong person, and when they investigate their investigation, they find an unidentified body as well as an unsolved mystery.

In the second season, an unidentified young girl is discovered in a grave that is shallow. Ridley finds out that the girl had an undiscovered double life. In the third episode, Ridley resolves to locate his brother, jazz artist Eve Marbury who has been missing for over 40 years. When a deceased woman is found, the secrets that were kept secret for years begin to surface.

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Ridley Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Ridley Season 2
Network: PBS
Main Cast: Adrian Dunbar, Bronagh Waugh, Terence Maynard
Genres: Crime, Drama

Cast of Ridley Season 2

Adrian Dunbar As Alex Ridley
Terence Maynard As DCI Paul Goodwin
Bronagh Waugh As DI Carol Farman
Georgie Glen As Dr Wendy Newstone
Julie Graham As Annie Marling
George Bukhari As DC Darren Lakhan
Aidan McArdle As Michael Flannery
Jacquetta May As Kate Ridley
Bhavna Limbachia As Geri Farman
Tareq Al-Jeddal As Jack Farman
Sophie Alloway As House Band
Steve Holness As House Band

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