Slow Horses Season 1 Premiere Date on Apple TV+: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Slow Horses Story

Jackson Lamb, of British spy agencies in the Slough House, who has the least amount of motivation to provide the “Slow Horses” who have put their careers at risk by making irreparable mistakes. But most importantly, Lamb defends the “loser” agents and doesn’t make them a target to allow MI5’s director. MI5 to hide her tracks.

Academy Award nominee Jonathan Pryce and Olivia Cooke. “Slow Horses” follows a group comprised of British intelligence agents that work in the dumping ground department of MI5 -which is Slough House. Oldman is the lead character Jackson Lamb, the brilliant but unreliable agent in charge of the spies that are thrown into Slough House because of their life-threatening errors. The story is adapted from Mick Herron’s first novel, which was awarded the CWA Gold Dagger Award.

Slow Horses Season 1 Premiere Date

Slow Horses Season 1 Premiere Date on Apple TV+
Slow Horses Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Slow Horses Season 1 Premiere Date — ✔️ 1 April 2022

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Show Information

TV Series: Slow Horses Season 1 (2022)
Network: Apple TV+
Main Cast: Chris Reilly, Rosalind Eleazar, Gary Oldman
Genres: Drama, Thriller

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