The Chosen Season 1 Release date on The CW – Cast, Story, Trailer

The Chosen Season 1 Premiere Date on The CW
The Chosen Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of The Chosen — ✔️ July 16, 2023

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The Chosen Storyline & Synopsis

The series follows the life that follows the life of Jesus along with his companions, yet includes characters and storylines that aren’t mentioned in the Bible. There are already hundreds, if not dozens of films that tell the story of Jesus. This is why American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins decided it was time for a multi-season drama one that viewers can binge-watch. In the series, four Gospels are integrated into a single storyline that will be told over seven seasons, according to Jenkins’s plans.

In The Chosen, American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins wanted to show the prophet Jesus through the eyes of those who came across him. The idea he came up with had to be personal, intimate, and instant in this sense. This was a challenge from the beginning The show was not created by a TV production company it was the result of a hefty crowdfunding campaign.

The adventures of the protagonist are more interesting to follow than if you must read tiny letters on thin wafer paper in the pages of a book. The Chosen tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of those around him and is a little different from the stories you’re used to. The series has been a huge commercial success across America and everybody talks about it.

A distinctly Christian American television series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth was telecast in prime time during the festive period in C8 in France which is one of the most secular shows on paper. It’s even more amazing when you learn the story of The Chosen. The Spectator was amazed by its success. In the end, the distribution and production of The Chosen did not follow the traditional pattern that is associated with successful TV shows. The series was funded through crowdfunding, not through the huge budgets of studios.

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The Chosen Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: The Chosen Season 1 (2023)
Network: The CW
Main Cast: Shahar Isaac, Paras Patel, Jonathan Roumie
Genres: Drama, History

Cast of The Chosen Season 1

Shahar Isaac As Simon Peter
Paras Patel As Matthew
Jonathan Roumie As Jesus
Elizabeth Tabish As Mary Magdalene
Noah James As Andrew
Nick Shakoour As Zebedee
George H. Xanthis As John
Giavani Cairo As Thaddeus
Jordan Walker Ross As Little James
Shaan Sharma As Shmuel
Ruben Gary Martinez As Pharisee
Austin Reed Alleman As Nathaniel
Joey Vahedi As Thomas
Kirk B.R. Woller As Gaius
Vanessa Benavente As Mother Mary

The Chosen Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Have Called You by NameJuly 16, 2023
2ShabbatJuly 16, 2023
3Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenJuly 16, 2023
4The Rock on Which it is BuiltJuly 16, 2023
5The Wedding GiftJuly 16, 2023
6Indescribable CompassionJuly 16, 2023
7InvitationsJuly 16, 2023
8I Am HeJuly 16, 2023
SpecialThe ShepherdJuly 16, 2023

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