The Endgame Season 1 Premiere Date on NBC: Renewed and Cancelled?

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The Endgame Story

The plot centers the story of Elena Federova, a recently taken world-renowned arms merchant and brilliant crime mastermind who in captivity even organizes a series bank robberies. There’s also Val Turner, the upstanding brutal, uncompromising and socially disregarded FBI agents who is willing to do everything to stop Elena’s ambitious plans. She portrays Elena Federova, a recently arrested arms dealer who plans an array of bank robberies during her time in confinement. However, her ambitious plans are thwarted by FBI agents who will do everything to prevent her from reaching her purpose.

The drama originates from Universal TV, where Plec also produces “Vampire Academy” which is a show based on the book collection “Vampire Academy”. The production company renegotiated its previous contract to Warner Bros. Television for the new agreement together with Universal on January 1, 2020.

When is The Endgame Season 1 Returning

The Endgame Season 1 Premiere Date on NBC
The Endgame Season 1 is yet to be announced:

The Endgame Season 1 Premiere Date — ✔️ 21 February 2022
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Show Information

TV Series: The Endgame Season 1 (2022)
Network: NBC
Main Cast: Morena Baccarin, Aaron Costa Ganis, Ryan Michelle Bathe
Genres: Crime, Drama

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