The Undeclared War Season 2 Premiere Date on Peacock: Renewed and Cancelled?

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The Undeclared War Story

The story is set in 2024. series follows a renowned team of analysts located within GCHQ and who secretly work to defend themselves against a series of cyber-attacks that target the UK during the lead-up to the next general elections. When a routine Internet stress test for infrastructure goes wrong 21, 21-year-old GCHQ Intern Saara Parvan finds herself at the edge of high-risk cyber warfare.

“The Undeclared War” is an unsettling reminder of the world that we live in. If Saara Parvan (Hannah Khalique-Brown from “Tin Luck” fame) performs a routine check on the internet infrastructure in the U.K., she unknowingly is entangled in a cyber-war. Saara along with her crew need to keep working non-stop to keep two steps ahead of their adversaries. The battles might occur on the internet however the consequences are extremely real.

The Undeclared War, tackles the topic of cyber-warfare and Russian aggression in the 2024 UK general election. While the story is set within the next few years, the show addresses the current issues that are real and uplifting. Interview with Digital Trends, Kosminsky talks about the casting of famous actors such as Simon Pegg from Star Trek Simon Pegg and Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance and the urgency of fictionalizing an actual threat to democracy across the globe.

When does the new season of The Undeclared War start

The Undeclared War Season 2 Premiere Date on Peacock
The Undeclared War Season 2 is yet to be announced:


The Undeclared War Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ Cancelled


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Show Information

TV Series: The Undeclared War (2022)
Network: Peacock
Main Cast: Simon Pegg, Edward Holcroft, Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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