Tom Jones Season 1 Release Date on PBS – Synopsis, Trailer?

Tom Jones Season 1 Release Date on PBS
Tom Jones Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Tom Jones — ✔️ April 30, 2023

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Tom Jones Storyline & Synopsis

Sophia is offered to Tom’s cousin Blifil. However, Tom and Sophia are in love with each other. If they’re caught in the midst of an intimate romantic kiss Tom has to leave the home. He is sent to London being chased by Sophia and then runs off shortly before her wedding. The tale: Tom Jones is the shocking story of a boy’s attempt to make his mark within the global community.

The announcement highlights the bond between the main two characters who are played by Solly McLeod as well as Sophie Wilde, who must overpower vices, fame, and authority, as well as violence, to make love. The series is set to begin in the near future and follows the adventures of the female character initially seems to be a lighter, fun, romantic romance.

Tom Jones (S. McLeod) has always been viewed as less worthy due to his shortcomings and position in the Allworthy family, despite the fact that Tom has always been praised. After a chance encounter and Sophie Western (S. Wilde), Tom immediately falls in love. However, his position in society causes issues when in comparison to Sophie who is an heiress who has been described as “the best opportunity in England”. His inequalities on the social scene will not stop the two from continuing to be in love regardless of everything.

Tom Jones Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Tom Jones (2023)
Network: PBS
Main Cast: Sophie Wilde, Shirley Henderson, Solly McLeod
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Cast of Tom Jones Season 1

Sophie Wilde As Sophia Western
Shirley Henderson As Aunt Western
Solly McLeod As Tom Jones
Pearl Mackie As Honour Newton
Dean Lennox Kelly As Black George Seagrim
Alun Armstrong As Squire Western
Tamzin Merchant As Aunt Harriet
James Fleet As Squire Allworthy

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