Will There be a Season 2 of Planners on Star+

Planners Season 2 Release Date on Star+
Planners Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Planners —  Not Yet Renewed

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Planners Storyline & Synopsis

An individual who following her separation from Marcos Gutierrez leaves her job at her ex-husband’s famous agency to organize corporate events. Because of the support and encouragement of Cali who is a lively old friend who returns to her world, she sets out on a new journey in her career in pursuit of the goal she’s always wanted to accomplish and that is to create her own agency to manage social events.

The show combines elements of drama, comedy, and romance, also focusing on how difficult it is to enter the world of business from the perspective of the protagonist’s perspective. Through the support from Cali (Siciliani) who is an enthusiastic friend from her past who re-enters her world, the actress begins on a new path to success by completing the project she had always envisioned the creation of her own agency to plan social events.

Alongside Cali as a partner, and with the inclusion of a well-known Air freshener (Pfening) as a member of the team management, Malena will use all her expertise and experience to establish her agency, and then take it off and take on all problems and conflicts that can come to the forefront when planning an unforgettable party. “Planners” is a story that celebrates the accomplishment of new initiatives and the power of teamwork, showing the work and commitment behind the perfect party.

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Show Information

TV Series: Planners (2023)
Network: Star+
Main Cast: Celeste Cid, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Leticia Siciliani
Genres: Comedy, Drama

Cast of Planners Season 2

Celeste Cid As Malena
Gonzalo Valenzuela As Marcos
Leticia Siciliani As Cali
Guillermo Pfening As Andy Garrison
Matías Recalt As Javier Gutiérrez
Marcos Montes As Ray
Marabina Jaimes As Various
Valentín Villafañe As Iván
Arianna Scarano As Luna
Camila Peralta As Clara
Violeta Reznik As Toni

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