Woke Season 3 Premiere Date on Hulu: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Woke Story

Inspired by the work and life of artist Keith Knight , WOKE puts Lamorne on the map as the black cartoonist Keef close to success in the mainstream after being impacted due to an unexpected police encounter. A comedy part of a series that is animated, WOKE is a sexist and disrespectful perception of culture and identity. After years of playing supporting characters (New Girl, Barbershop, Desperados), Lamorne is finally in the position she’s deserved as the WOKE leader.

This show doesn’t aid in the progress towards equality. It only increases tensions and raises issues that are absurd, like getting a white woman’s purse and not submitting it due to the fact that you’re black. This wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream in the least. Aside from that, doubt that anyone is listening to Dead Kennedys from the lineup of characters, or even knows what they were! Punk is definitely not dead, but it’s not the type of people you’d expect to be tuning into it – i.e. conservatives.

Who knew the straight-laced, goodie two-shoe folk would be rebels now and the so-called “liberals” are the dictator-Esque “you do this or you’re canceled/fired/killed.” One should look at themselves in the mirror since they’re all like the people they point out under pretexts.

When is Woke Season 3 Returning

Woke Season 3 Premiere Date on Hulu
Woke Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Woke Season 3 Premiere Date — Not Yet Renewed

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Show Information

TV Series: Woke Season 3 (2023)
Network: Hulu
Main Cast: Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, T. Murph
Genre: Comedy

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