Blindspotting Season 2 Release Date on Starz – Renewed and Cancelled?

Blindspotting Season 2 Release Date on Starz
Blindspotting Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Blindspotting — ✔️ 14 April 2023

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Blindspotting Storyline & Synopsis

Blindspotting is a sequel to Lionsgate’s critically-acclaimed comedy-drama movie of the same title. The Blindspotting series starts six months after the film and is centered around Ashley who leads an average life in Oakland. Then Miles the man she has been with for a while as well as father to their child is arrested. When she is forced to move in with Miles her half-sister and mother and her half-sister, she is faced with a chaotic and hilarious situation.

Ashley and Miles have their prison wedding in the season 1 finale. Ashley is unable to take care of their son on her own. She gets to the point of breaking and vents it out to all around her. Miles adapts to the prison environment and counts the days to their first family reunion weekend in San Quentin. Rainey does her best to ensure that Ashley as well as Sean feel comfortable as she seeks an avenue to stay connected to her son who is behind the bars, but Ashley is the one who holds everything.

Blindspotting, Gaslot, and Powerbook. In these shows, you’ll get big names such as Julia Roberts and Courteney Cox. Alongside originals from Starzplay and Viaplay, a lot of films will be available starting at the beginning. Viaplay says there will be a hundred. The video follows Jones’ Ashley as she is navigating the city of Oakland.

Blindspotting Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Blindspotting Season 2 (2023)
Network: Starz
Main Cast: Jaylen Barron, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Helen Hunt
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast of Blindspotting

Jaylen Barron As Trish
Jasmine Cephas Jones As Ashley Jones
Helen Hunt As Rainey
Candace Nicholas-Lippman As Janelle
Atticus Woodward As Sean
Benjamin Earl Turner As Earl
Margo Hall As Nancy

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