Deadloch Season 2 Release date on Prime Video – Cast, Story, Trailer

Deadloch Season 2 Release Date on Prime Video
Deadloch Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Deadloch — ✔️ 2024

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Deadloch Storyline & Synopsis

In the Australian comedy, Two investigators who are not equal have to resolve a murder case in the coastal region of Tasmania and, more specifically, in Deadloch town. Deadloch. There is an uproar after one of Deadloch’s town’s residents is discovered drowned on a beach. The investigation ends with two detectives who are hardly distinct. Sergeant Dulcie Collins knows the region as well as the back of her hand and is meticulous about her investigation.

This isn’t a good thing for the unfiltered and raw Eddie Redcliffe, who is called by the town of Deadloch by Darwin. Another member of the group is the slightly ambitious Abby. The trio must work together to overcome their differences in order to identify the perpetrator as the town gets ready for the annual Winter Festival food festival. Deadloch really is a slumbering beach town but things change when an unidentified man is discovered to be dead at the sea’s edge.

Two female investigators are placed together to investigate the mystery, including the arduous Sgt. Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) and a senior investigator from Darwin, Eddie Redcliffe. And then there’s the overly enthusiastic senior constable Abby. There’s also the Tasmanian city of Deadloch. The eight-part show was designed by the comedy team Kate McCartney.

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Deadloch Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Deadloch Season 2 (2024)
Network: Prime Video
Main Cast: Holly Austin, Tom Ballard, Kate Box
Genre: Comedy

Cast of Deadloch Season 2

Holly Austin As Skye O’Dwyer
Tom Ballard As Sven Alderman
Kate Box As Senior Sgt Dulcie Collins
Alicia Gardiner As Cath York
Mick Davies As Mike Nugent
Duncan Fellows As Ray McLintock
Lisa Gormley As Michelle
Stephanie Jack As Megan Lang
Shaun Martindale As Phil McGangus
Kartanya Maynard As Miranda Hoskins

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