Die zweite Welle Coming to ZDF: Cast, Release Date, Synopsis, Trailer

Die zweite Welle Season 1 Premiere Date on ZDF
Die zweite Welle Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Die zweite Welle — ✔️ December 27, 2023

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Die zweite Welle is a German Drama TV Series (2023). Die zweite Welle is set to release on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, at 7 pm PT on ZDF. Die zweite Welle cast: Ursula Strauss, Johann von Bülow, Karoline Schuch.

Die zweite Welle Storyline & Synopsis

Die zweite Welle is a multi-perspective drama with the elements of a psychological thriller and uses the 2004 tsunami as its genesis and a point of crystallization. The captivating story of cross-generational generational bonds of a group of people who are linked by an accident of fate and a dark truth is presented in six episodes spread across two different time periods.

The lawyer Harry Reuter (Johann Von Bulow) and his daughter Noa (Meira Durand) are shocked by the sudden appearance of Alexandra Voss (Karoline Schuch) is Harry’s sister. wife, supposed to have passed away and was swept away in the tsunami of 2004 at Khao Lak, suddenly appears at the door of their home. She’s spent the past couple of years in an Thai prison, and is in a deteriorated state.

The drama, which consists of six parts created by Sarah Schnier, throws a huge stone into the ocean at the start. The resultant waves do not leave one behind. The viewers are confronted on two different perspectives: with Alexandra’s vengeance, and the way Harry, Britta, Matthias, Heiko and Maren are trapped in their pasts and lies. In the end, it be apparent who is out of the whirlpool, and who doesn’t.

Harry isn’t able to fulfill his job as a father of one, daughter Noa is keen to go to an event at the pool without trepidation. Matthias and Britta struggle with their relationship, Maren and Heiko have been divorced for a long time. A huge lie is looming over their marriages. All you need is a spark to light the fire in this group made up of downhearted people.

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A year later, Alexandra appears, tattooed sporting amputated legs, terrible teeth, and a need to shine. Karoline Schuch is awe-inspiring as the revenge-seeking angel whose wounds were etched by the harsh realities of life in her time in the Thai prison. She smacks everyone in the soft areas with accuracy. Alexandra’s savage hurt blends beautifully with Noa’s innocence and youthfulness.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Die zweite Welle’?

Show Information

TV Series: Die zweite Welle Season 1 (2023)
Network: ZDF
Main Cast: Ursula Strauss, Johann von Bülow, Karoline Schuch
Genre: Drama

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Die zweite Welle’?

Ursula Strauss – Maren
Karoline Schuch – Alexandra
Katrin Röver – Britta
Alessandro Schuster – Levin
Tim Bergmann – Heiko
Özgür Karadeniz – Matthias
Meira Durand – Noa
Luise Bähr – Julia
Christoph Schechinger – David
Caroline Stas – Regula Weber
Laetitia Chambon – Young Erika Voss
Wikran Meesaeng – Rangsan Parnthep
Tanja Schleiff – Custom officer
Katrin Lohmann – Police officer
Apasiri Kulthanan – DR Lalana Petcharatt
Filip Peeters – Roel
Hilde Van Mieghem – Erika Voss
Maya Vanderbeque – Young Julia

Die zweite Welle Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1TsunamiWed, Dec 27, 2023
2Das GeheimnisWed, Dec 27, 2023
3UntiefenWed, Dec 27, 2023
4Niemals VergangenThu, Dec 28, 2023
5Eine schlechte TatThu, Dec 28, 2023
6Bis auf den GrundThu, Dec 28, 2023

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