Farm Rebellion Season 2 Premiere Date on Disney+ – Cast, Story, Trailer

Farm Rebellion Season 2 Release Date on Disney+
Farm Rebellion Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Farm Rebellion — ✔️ 2024

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Farm Rebellion Storyline & Synopsis

Through Farm Rebellion, a rather unique documentary series will be coming on Disney Plus soon. It follows the life of Benedikt Bosel, who changed from a banker in the investment industry to a farmer. Due to his financial troubles, he had to completely change his life. You can read more about the eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture practices Bosel and his crew employ on their farm close to Berlin in Germany, where they have to contend with challenging environmental conditions like drought as well as sandy soils.

It also reveals the lives of individuals such as Paula who considers the farm an opportunity to make a new beginning as well as Jose and Lea who are able to gather information to guide their future farming activities in Chile. The filming in “Farm Rebellion” lasted a year, and demonstrates how the characters are part of the worldwide movement and aim to make a difference in the world by using their distinct personalities and methods.

The whole team shares an identical vision to develop a fresh sustainable, regenerative method of farming. It is the basis for an international agricultural revolution that adapts to the climate conditions in the next few years. The team is searching the globe for concepts that can help facilitate changes in the agricultural sector. Based on an idea from Doris Dorrie.

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Farm Rebellion Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Farm Rebellion Season 2 (2024)
Network: Disney+
Main Cast: Heidi Bjerkan, Benedikt Bösel, Charlie Burrell
Genre: Documentary

Cast of Farm Rebellion Season 2

Heidi Bjerkan As Self
Benedikt Bösel As Self
Charlie Burrell As Self
Cornelie Bösel As Self
Quincy Bösel As Self
Hans-Detlef Bösel As Self
Renke de Vries As Self
Jean-Martin Fortier As Self
Deacon Dunlop As Self
Rosanna Gahler As Self
Lea Gerber As Self
Elío Larrain Gerber As Self
José Ignacio Larrain González As Self
Ernst Götsch As Self

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