Frakke & Jempie Season 1 start on Streamz August 10, 2023 – Cast, Story, Trailer

Frakke & Jempie Season 1 Premiere Date on Streamz
Frakke & Jempie Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Frakke & Jempie — ✔️ August 10, 2023

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Frakke & Jempie Storyline & Synopsis

A worn-out and outdated workshop filled with junk. For the outsider, it’s like a normal place, but to the two of them, it’s the ultimate dream. They’re now the ones who are in charge and do not need any accountability to anybody other than the other.

On the first day, however, the situation immediately goes wrong. They did not purchase the business from its owner, but rather from the fraudulent tenant, who has since left an unintentional northern light and cash. This setback brings their partnership under tension. Frakke doesn’t want to make any more losses and decides to quit.

Jempie is not aware that He gives up after the first obstacle. They set off on a new adventure, navigating numerous squabbles, miscommunications drives, embraces, and mishaps. However, when the time comes, only one thing is certain the same: their friendship. Frakke is performed by Carry Goossens is a sly introverted guy who is well-known for his arrogance and suspicion. However, he’s always honest and honest.

The bond that exists between Frakke and Jempie can be described as one of the most special bromances: two rough husks, who are trapped in their unique behavior and thinking but aren’t afraid to show vulnerability between themselves. The comic series in the short format “Frakke & Jempie” is a product of RV Productions.

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Frakke & Jempie Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Frakke & Jempie Season 1 (2023)
Network: Streamz
Main Cast: Carry Goossens, Peter van den Eede, Jaak Van Assche
Genre: Scripted

Cast of Frakke & Jempie Season 1

Carry Goossens As Frakke
Peter van den Eede As Jean-Pierre ‘Jempie’ Dirix
Jaak Van Assche As Frans Van As
Barbara Sarafian
Katelijne Verbeke

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