Gaseumi Ddwinda Aka Heartbeat Season 1 Premiere Date on KBS2 – Cast, Story, Trailer

Heartbeat KBS2 Release Date on KBS2
Heartbeat Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Heartbeat — ✔️ June 26, 2023

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Heartbeat Storyline & Synopsis

“gaseumi ddwinda Aka Heartbeat”, which is scheduled to air on June 26, an anthropomorphic vampire who is not human due to the difference of just one day over 100 years. It’s a terrifying relationship in which the woman who is not human can be discovered, who eventually begins living together and discovers true love. Park Kang-hyun’s stills released on 25th of May is fully immersed in the elegant Shindo ceremony, from head to the toe. Park Kang-hyun, who demonstrates his stunning images in a clean and soft styling, conveys the professional look of a businessman, revealing his “refresh” character of the’real estate rich and young’.

It’s a life-threatening symbiosis love story that sees the female owner, Hae-hae who is devoid of blood and humanity, stumbles upon living together and seeks genuine warmth. Find the one that lies on the boundary between vampires and humans. The blood of his will bring you the immortality of life.” Then, Yoon So-hee was hit with an arrow and sank to the ground bleeding.

The two, who exude youthfulness, are drawing an illustration of their youth while strolling around the campus of the university. Jian Won, who prepared the bandage and medication to help Kang-hyun Park’s injured hand is able to treat his hand with complete devotion and Kang-hyun Park’s stare at her, which can’t keep her eyes off of her creates an eerie mood of elation. Like an initial relationship that never happened, their new appearance sets the bar for the kind of chemistry they exhibit in the film.

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Heartbeat Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Gaseumi Ddwinda Aka Heartbeat Season 1 (2023)
Network: KBS2
Main Cast: Taec-yeon, Park Kang-Hyun, Won Ji-An
Genre: Drama

Cast of Heartbeat Season 1

Taec-yeon As Sun Woo-Hyeol
Park Kang-Hyun As Shin Do-Sik
Won Ji-An As Joo In-Hae
Yoon So-Hee As Yoon Hae-Sun
Yoon Byung-Hee As Lee Sang-Hae
Yoon So-Hee As Na Hae-Won
Ko Kyu-Pil As Park Dong-Seob
Seung You As Rose

Heartbeat Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1TBAJune 26, 2023
2TBAJune 27, 2023
3TBAJuly 03, 2023
4TBAJuly 04, 2023
5TBAJuly 10, 2023
6TBAJuly 11, 2023
7TBAJuly 17, 2023
8TBAJuly 18, 2023
9TBAJuly 25, 2023
10TBAJuly 26, 2023
11TBAJuly 31, 2023
12TBAAugust 01, 2023
13TBAAugust 07, 2023
14TBAAugust 08, 2023
15TBAAugust 14, 2023
16TBAAugust 05, 2023

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