I Hate Christmas (Odio il Natale) Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know

I Hate Christmas Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix
I Hate Christmas Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 3 of I Hate Christmas — ✔️ December 10, 2024

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I Hate Christmas (Odio il Natale) is an Italian Drama-Romance TV Series (2022-Present). I Hate Christmas Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, November 10, 2024, at 10 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on Netflix. I Hate Christmas Season 3 cast: Pilar Fogliati, Fiorenza Pieri, Beatrice Arnera.

I Hate Christmas Storyline & Synopsis

A nurse who isn’t finding the love of her life, or a balance between sentiment and reality. A waitress who at thirty years old, is in a state of virginity. A man who is in a wheelchair due to accidents, yet with a determination to live, and to find the most for himself and others He has made the handicap his main point of strength and one could imagine: that this is a different one among the thousands of Christmas merchandise, infused that are filled with comedy and romance and perhaps with the typical characters.

It’s not because of the nativity scene, lights, or the presents. The problem is that Christmas, ever since she was 30 was angry with her. Christmas has been judging her. She is asked by Christmas (and we) which place are you living your day? Gianna believed that her life was a great location, with three close friends, and working as a nurse she enjoys. However, Christmas doesn’t care about what you do. It’s all about families and couples.

For the first time in a while, the coming Christmas appears to be smiling on her, since we all know that Christmas is all about couples, don’t you think? But it’s the second one, the time, who is unable to clean up her cards, which causes her to commit an unforgivable mistake that will end his bond with her.

An event that Gianna must plan and is bound to bring more than one surprise event. Through the assistance of close friends, Margherita and Titti and a strange new neighbor with her daughter of a teenage, Gianna will understand that love is just like Santa’s Sleigh When it’s present, it’s impossible to not notice it.

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A light and humorous series, yet it stimulates your mind to think. However, Gianna has found a lovely partner, and in the upcoming season, we’ll have the chance to discover what happens in the coming season. We will be able to see all of her adventures again, and the beloved protagonist will finally get the chance to spend the Christmas season with her beloved partner.

Is There a Trailer for ‘I Hate Christmas Season 3’?

Show Information

TV Series: I Hate Christmas (Odio il Natale) Season 3 (2022-Present)
Network: Netflix
Main Cast: Pilar Fogliati, Fiorenza Pieri, Beatrice Arnera
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Also Known As: Odio il Natale Stagione 2, Odio il Natale 2

Who’s In the Cast of ‘I Hate Christmas Season 2’?

Pilar Fogliati As Gianna
Beatrice Arnera As Titti
Fiorenza Pieri As Margherita
Massimo Rigo As Pietro
Sabrina Paravicini As Marta
Simonetta Solder As Caposala
Glen Blackhall As Umberto
Alan Cappelli Goetz As Janitor
Alessio Praticò As Mario
Cecilia Bertozzi As Caterina
Luca Annovazzi As Ragazzo occhiali
Giovanni Anzaldo As Nicola
Giuseppe Attanasio As Nuovo infermiere
Giorgia Boscolo Todaro As Lisa
Riccardo Boscolo Todaro As Giacomo
Francesca Botti As Signora riffa
Giulia Briata As Infermiera rosa
Giorgia Calderaro As Gemella
Thomas Calderaro As Gemello
Federico Calistri As Giulio
Diego Carli As Addetto tiro bersaglio
Michele Modesto Casarin As Signore
Raniero Monaco Di Lapio As Francesco
Andrea Di Stefano As Dante Crisanti
Claudia Donin As Infermiera
Raffaele Esposito As Genny
Massimo Fabris As Marianio gozzetto
Gabriele Falsetta As Patrizio
Marianna Fernetich As Madre

I Hate Christmas Season 2 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Thu Dec 07, 2023
2Episode 2Thu Dec 07, 2023
3Episode 3Thu Dec 07, 2023
4Episode 4Thu Dec 07, 2023
5Episode 5Thu Dec 07, 2023
6Episode 6Thu Dec 07, 2023

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