Intertwined (Entrelazados) Season 2 Premiere Date on Disney+: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Intertwined (Entrelazados) Story

Motivation, once in a while you show up even in the most reduced hours, you make ties, bunches, and ties, you make frenzy and bedlam, you make episodes of trust, deception, you make dreams, you make wizardry. The teenager curiosity series is debuting on Disney Channel this Friday 12 at 8:30 p.m. furthermore, on Disney Plus it is Entrelazados, a fascinating teenager series featuring Clara Alonso, Elena Roger and Caro Domenech with a great cast of good youthful entertainers, including El Purre, Kevsho, Manuel Ramos and Emilia Marines stick out.

The story occurs in two minutes: as of now, Allegra fantasies about playing out a melodic as her grandma did, however, her mom is against it. By some coincidence, Allegra turns back the clock to the ’90s and witnesses how her mom is the hero of that play, coordinated by her grandma. Going through time can get somewhat wound, particularly when it’s to 1994. Stream all scenes of Disney Intertwined (Entrelazados), an Original Series, presently on Disney Plus.

Everything shows that the young lady needs to unfasten the bunches that are different from her mom and grandma today, tackling the issues around then while experiencing passionate feelings for and having the mentalities of the present young lady in something else altogether. It has excellent exhibitions and it merits focusing on if by some stroke of good luck to remember the ’90s (the ones that were there).

When will it air

Intertwined (Entrelazados) Season 2 Premiere Date on Disney+
Intertwined (Entrelazados) Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Intertwined (Entrelazados) Season 2 Premiere Date — ✔️ 2022

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Show Information

TV Series: Entrelazados (2021)
Network: Disney+
Main Cast: Carolina Domenech, Benjamín Amadeo, Elena Roger
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical

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35 thoughts on “Intertwined (Entrelazados) Season 2 Premiere Date on Disney+: Renewed and Cancelled?”

  1. Intertwined was so interesting I couldn’t stop watching I needed to know what happened next. I didn’t know this show came on I watched it on Disney+ for a whole day. I just can’t wait for the next season to air 😬 I’m so curious how Marco got the bracelet and got to that time period to find Linda aka Allegra!

  2. Watched in one evening/night 😬 oops forgot to sleep! Disney had better get to work on season 2-4 quickly. This is so good because not only can young people enjoy it, those of us who lived through the 90’s can too!

    • Omg same, I am in my 30s and love this show. I knew Marco didn’t die as they only found his charm (or I was really hoping he didn’t ), expected him to make an appearance as a famous musician under a different name (possible as nobody seemed to recognize Laura in 2021 weird – i remember faces of people who were close to me) but Disney really threw a good twist in there, even my hubby who wasn’t watching the show was like “where did Marco go? “ can’t wait!!!

  3. I need to know what happens next, please hurry and come on with what happens next, I’m so glad Marco didn’t die, I actually cried when the fire happened I thought he died till he came back to Laura’s time aka Allegra’s time, I need to see what happens next. Marco and Allegra ugghhh they are oso cute together, keep them two together honestly.

    • but if you saw in the last episode that Marco had on a time bracelet like Allegra did that had brought her to the ’90s in the first place(to be honest I think that Felix and Allegra would make a great couple to but I mean Marco is beautiful) when the fire happened then she left and was so heartbroken my heart went down to the ground it was so sad.

    • Omg!!! Yesssss I love Marco he grew on me. They are so cute ! They had so much chemistry together!!! I hope they get back together. And hope he stays alive . What’s going to happen??????

  4. I seriously love the series, honestly at the end I was getting mad at how she could just move on in a few months and how there was no news on Marco. But then Marco showed up and OMG. Honestly I much prefer Allegra with Marco. I can’t wait to see what happens and I hope all the past characters find out who she is and how Marco managed to get to the future with a device that’s supposed to bring to the past, I also hope that Coco find out who her real dad is. So excited I hope it comes out soon!!!

    • when opening night finished and Laura told marco to talk to Allegra (Catarinas Grandma) if she didnt return, I feel like he went to the Grandma and she explained everything and maybe he busted into the wall to find the bracelet? I dont know but how bloody exciting!

      • la vraie question c’est ou il a trouver le bracelet et en plus si je me trompe pas il a deja fait des voyages et vue qu il est plus jeune que la mere de Coco il a du trouver le bracelet apres elle ,mais le bracelet etait cacher dans la chambre de Allegra ducoup il a trouver ou le bracelet

        a mon avis il y a plusieur bracelet ? j’ai de savoir ce qu il c est reelment passer

  5. Ok im 49 and I loved it please don’t cancel it I want to see what Marco is doing in that time and how he got the bracelet and it would be cool to see them be together sorry for her friend buti want to see Marco get woth Allegra

  6. No. That’s the name she was pretending to use in the past from the first shirt she wore. Her actual name is Allegra in her time.

  7. I loved the series. It was amazing. I wish I could know what happened to Marco. And how he came to the future and how he got the bracelet. I was very confused. But I can’t wait for the next season. I would real want to know what happened to Marco and if Allegra and him get together with Felix and them kissing.

  8. Am I the only one who ships Felix and Allegra. I was like so mad when Marco came back my install reaction was you came back from the grave to mess with my ship

  9. Y’all can not cancel this series! Literally everyone loves it and wants to see what happens next!! Let’s keep it going and add more seasons this is definitely a 10/10 recommendation for me! I wanna see what happens next! Don’t let us all down by canceling it, keep it going!! Literally love love love it. Ps. Marco is so much better with Allegra!! Although Felix is cute too but Marco and Allegra go together soo well!!

  10. It’s so a creat Show. I’m 49 and I love the Story about the Sharp woman and Laura/Allegra and Marco.
    I hope we can find out how Marco come to 2021.
    Did he get the braclet from Lucie, or how he came to 2021?

  11. My daughter and I are really looking forward to Season 2. I knew Marco would survive when he absorbed energy from the bracelet. The big question is why the bracelet chose him?

  12. So i didn’t even know this was on disney+. I read the description and it was so interesting so I watched it. I love all the mystery and how the episodes ended on a cliffhanger. It kept me watching and I just loved that about it. It is seriously my type of show. I was shocked on the last episode when Marco walked in with the bracelet. I seriously love the show and if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it. ITS THE BEST!!!!!


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