London Kills Season 3 Premiere Date on Acorn TV: Renewed and Cancelled?

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London Kills Story

Each major city is home to a myriad of secretive dark corners. places. It is impossible to know what lies ahead of you from the shadows. This original series from Acron Television London Kills is fast-paced, brutal, twisted, and everything you could want from murder mysteries. At first look, it appears that the show isn’t unlike its rivals like the wildly popular Castle or the enthralling Criminal Minds. What makes London Kills apart is the location.

Filmed as a documentary, the series is five parts and follows top detectives in the city in their pursuit of a string of murders that are twisted. This is a thrilling show that is deep, spooky, and addicting. The talented Hugo Speer stars as Detective David Bradford, with Sharon Smalls as Detective Vivienne Cole. The experienced actors offer an abundance of fantastic on-screen chemistry and contribute to the intense pace of the show.

The audience is left wondering what is wrong with the characters. Bailey Patrick stars as DC Rob Brady and Tori Allen Martin is the young debut, DC Billie Fitzgerald. Together, they make up an elite team to solve crimes. They each bring their own unique motivation to the team.

When is London Kills Season 3 Returning

London Kills Season 3 Premiere Date on Acorn TV
London Kills Season 3 is yet to be announced:


London Kills Season 3 Premiere Date — ✔️ 6 June 2022


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Show Information

TV Series: London Kills Season 3 (2022)
Network: Acorn TV
Main Cast: Hugo Speer, Bailey Patrick, Sharon Small
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

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