Obliterated’ Release Date on Netflix – Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Obliterated Season 1 Premiere Date on Netflix
Obliterated Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Obliterated — ✔️ November 30, 2023

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere
Obliterated is an American Comedy-Drama TV Series (2023). Obliterated will release on Thursday, November 30, 2023 on Netflix. Kimi Rutledge, Shelley Hennig, C. Thomas Howell are the main cast of Obliterated Season 1.

Obliterated Storyline & Synopsis

The comedy action show Obliterated will air on Netflix around the middle of November, and some of the initial images have been unveiled today. Obliterated follows a Special Forces team that thwarts an attack in Las Vegas. After they have celebrated their successful mission with a night of alcohol and drugs the unexpected happens: the bomb they destroyed is revealed to be fake, and they must search for the real one, but they are not able to search, either physically or physically, in search of the actual duplicate.

Obliterated is from the creators of the popular show Cobra Kai and the American Pie sequel American Reunion. The trailer is expected to wait for some time but Netflix has already released some of the initial images. It also suggests that we can count on lots of action and laughter.

It is on this basis that the brand new Obliterated can be loosely translated to ” On the mush ” is built on, in which it refers to the kind of celebration the heroes have and they function as part of the rescue team, their job is to eliminate the bomb that may disperse

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The wild action comedy is about a special unit that eliminates a deadly bomb inside Las Vegas. He decides to party in a proper manner, which means that the alcohol is flowing, tables get bent due to the sexiness and there’s an abundance of S@x to the point that the emperor Caligula could not figure out how to handle it.

However, when the party is over the group realizes the bomb which they got rid of was actually a fake. The team must come to terms with the realization the entire group is under the influence of the drug, find a way to bridge their differences, locate the actual bomb, and bring the world back to safety.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Obliterated’?

Show Information

TV Series: Obliterated Season 1 (2023)
Network: Netflix
Main Cast: Kimi Rutledge, Shelley Hennig, C. Thomas Howell
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Obliterated’?

Kimi Rutledge As Maya Lerner
Shelley Hennig As Ava Winters
C. Thomas Howell As Hagerty
Nick Zano As Chad McKnight
Paola Lázaro As Angela Gomez
Alyson Gorske As Lana
Eugene Kim As Paul Yung
Candace Joy As Pool Model
Terrence Terrell As Trunk
Carl Lumbly As CIA Director James Langdon
Ivan G’Vera As Vlad
Costa Ronin As Ivan Koslov
Neal Kodinsky As Gleb
Ryan de Quintal As Alexei
Jade Bender As Sarah
Roman Mitichyan As Boris
Tobias Jelinek As Ehren
Keston John As Mr. Dugan
Zach Zagoria As Blast
Clive Standen As Liam
Kellee Stewart As Sharonda
Montel Bush As Bobby
Joel Michaely As Stefan
Adam Herschman As DJ Candycorn
René Mena As Bomb Tech

Obliterated Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Thu Nov 30, 2023
2Episode 2Thu, Nov 30, 2023
3Episode 3Thu Nov 30, 2023
4Episode 4Thu Nov 30, 2023
5Episode 5Thu Nov 30, 2023
6Episode 6Thu Nov 30, 2023
7Episode 7Thu Nov 30, 2023
8Episode 8Thu Nov 30, 2023

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