Outchef’d Season 3 Release date on Food Network – Cast, Story, Trailer

Outchef’d Season 3 Release Date on Food Network
Outchef’d Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 3 of Outchef’d — ✔️ 2024

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Outchef’d Storyline & Synopsis

Each show, Eddie Jackson welcomes a confident home cook who thinks that they’re in the process of auditioning however, they are instead enticed into a high-stakes competition against a famous chef. Eddie then ventures out to locate four individuals to be blind tasting panel members following the food-themed cooking round. The prize of $5,000 awarded to the amateur cook aims to even the game between amateur cooks and experts.

“Capturing the mind-blowing moment these home cooks find out they are heading straight to set to battle a culinary superstar is such fun – and the action only heightens from there,” said Betsy Ayala, Head of Content, Food, Warner Bros. Discovery. “They have all watched cooking competitions and thought they have what it takes to win – and in Outchef’d, we actually find out if they do!”

The show will feature star chefs and home cooks who will prepare dishes that have the “star” ingredien.” The recipes will be rated by a group comprised of six people the host has selected from the street. The chef at home will require a single vote from a group of tasters random to be awarded the prize of $5,000.

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Outchef’d Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Outchef’d Season 3 (2024)
Network: Food Network
Main Cast: Eddie Jackson, Kelsey Bernard Clark, Eric Adjepong
Genre: Reality-TV

Cast of Outchef’d Season 3


Eddie Jackson As Host

Eric Adjepong
Tiffani Faison
Kelsey Bernard Clark
Darnell Ferguson
Robert Irvine
Alex Guarnaschelli
Antonia Lofaso
Joe Sasto
Geoffrey Zakarian

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