Pale Moon Season 1 Release Date on ENA – Synopsis, Trailer?

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Pale Moon Season 1 Release Date on ENA
Pale Moon Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Pale Moon — ✔️ 10 April 2023

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Pale Moon Storyline & Synopsis

Pale Moon is the story of Lee Hwa (Kim Seo-hyung) an ordinary housewife who was involved in an argument with her husband. She gets employment in a savings institution and begins the practice of embezzling cash while running around looking for deposits for the wealthy elderly. The two episodes that are shown each time highlight the qualities of a melodrama thriller, psychological thrillers romantic dramas, and road films.

As he stands in the middle of the airport with an anxious look, without even an even tinier bag”Ewha” looks utterly dangerous. The viewers are drawn into the drama and are sucked into the silence with a look as if they ran off in a reckless manner from something that had any connection. Yoo Seon portrays Ryu Ga-eul, a professional woman who is the manager of a company that sells beauty products.

“Pale Moon” is a suspense thriller that follows Yoo Yi-hwa (Kim Seo-hyung) a woman who in a life of constant suffocation is confronted with an unforgivable moment as she steals cash from her bank’s elite customers. The film depicts a life of daily living that changes gradually after an encounter that is accidental with a person occurs. Afterward, Seohyung Kim walks into the hotel and stares at someone unconsciously in a way, revealing the dangerous aspect of Leehwa and intensifying the dramatic tension.

Pale Moon Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Pale Moon Season 1 (2023)
Network: ENA
Main Cast: Kim Seo-Hyung, Lee Si-Woo, Yoo-Sun
Genres: Drama, Romance, Mystery

Cast of Pale Moon

Kim Seo-Hyung As Yoo Yi-Hwa
Lee Si-Woo As Yoon Min-Jae
Lee Chun-Hee
Kong Jung-Hwan

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