Pesci Piccoli Season 2 Release date on Prime Video – Cast, Story, Trailer

Pesci Piccoli Season 2 Release Date on Prime Video
Pesci Piccoli Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of Pesci Piccoli — 🛑 Cancelled

New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Pesci Piccoli Storyline & Synopsis

In this age of TikTok stars and successful lives that are portrayed in online social networks, what’s so great about a regular life every day? What if this life was a small agency of social communication? Ciro, Fabio, Fru, and Aurora are coworkers and friends living in the undergrowth of the internet, comprised of provincial loser brands and tragicomic small influencers. But they also are comprised of gestures of friendship, flirting with colleagues, and group rituals. An arrival by a brand new manager who has been relegated but is eager to demonstrate her worth will create new excitement and will show those around them that a simple life, with no success assured by the thousands of fans, can be something special if you’ve got the right people.

The series, comprised of six episodes helmed by Francesco Ebbasta, narrates the experiences of a tiny digital company with big ambitions but who is forced to live with strange clients and the complexities of a small-scale provincial reality. Through humorous moments with love stories, twists and turns The protagonists will learn the significance of friendship and the importance of simplicity in a world controlled by media, social media, and public image.

The news of casting for the show has increased the apprehension of fans, along with the most well-known characters of the production manufacturing. Between TikTok stars and provincial brands that aren’t all that nerdy and tragicomic influencers work days of the main characters might not result in great results and views across the nation but they will certainly prove to be full of laughter.

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Pesci Piccoli Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Pesci Piccoli (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Main Cast: Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo, Aurora Leone
Genre: Comedy

Cast of Pesci Piccoli Season 2

Ciro Priello
Fabio Balsamo
Aurora Leone
Gianluca Colucci

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