Salade grecque Aka Greek Salad Release Date on Prime Video – Synopsis, Trailer?

Greek Salad Season 1 Release Date on Prime Video
Greek Salad Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Greek Salad — ✔️ 14 April 2023

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Greek Salad Storyline & Synopsis

Salade grecque Aka Greek Salad series will be a continuation of the adventures of the youngsters from Xavier (Romain Duris) and Wendy (Kelly Reilly) in the world that is the Hellenes. Salade grecque tells the story of Wendy and Xavier’s two children, Tom and Mia, who are in their 20s. A series in which the concept of heritage is significant. Family and heritage as well as culture. Through Salade Grecque, Klapisch wants to give a fresh perspective on European youth. As the title suggests, the story of Salade Grecque is set in Athens.

A frenzied start-up dinner, Tom discovers on this occasion that his daughter, scheduled to enter Erasmus year, has stopped her studies to aid immigrants. Although their differences hinder the sharing of their culture and culture, they must live with youngsters from across the Old Continent like their parents twenty years ago. When asked four years ago by an American platform to modernize and adapt his film that has become a cult classic, Cedric Klapisch preferred to create a sequel with his first-time heroes on the back burner.

As the title implies, the story will be set the next time around Greece and in Athens which is where the two young adults have inherited an apartment following the demise of their father. Then there are the rigors of life as a writer, his passionate relationship with his old roommate Wendy and, finally, his life out of sync living in New York, where Wendy and his ex-wife, who he divorced recently, adopted his children.

Greek Salad Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Salade grecque Aka Greek Salad (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Main Cast: Aliocha Schneider, Kevin Bishop, Megan Northam
Genre: Drama

Cast of Greek Salad

Aliocha Schneider As Tom
Kevin Bishop As William
Megan Northam As Mia
Reham Alkassar As Reem
Davide Iachini As Pippo
Amir Baylly As Noam
Amro Ahmad Jamous As Shadi

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