SisterS Season 1 Release Date on AMC+/IFC – Synopsis, Trailer?

SisterS Season 1 Release Date on AMC+/IFC
SisterS Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of SisterS — ✔️ May 17, 2023

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SisterS Storyline & Synopsis

Sarah’s (Goldberg) mother passes away. Following her passing, she learns that her father isn’t her father at all, but was an Irish coach whom her mother was able to meet while traveling 30 years back. She decides to visit Ireland in search of the coach, only to discover that she is a half-sister too. While in Dublin Suze’s (Stanley) life is thrown into chaos and she’s lost her apartment, partner as well as a job, without mentioning – her dignity. At the age of 37, her life takes a surprising turn as her Canadian half-sister arrives. Sare gets an unwilling Suza to travel to Ireland to search for their drunken father. In the four walls of the crumbling ice cream van, It’s a baptism of fire for the sisters. They create a strong bond after they realize that the people you choose to be with can be the ones to guide you through.

Filming is in progress at Dublin for SisterS the dark comedy-drama about two women born in different continents, Canada and Ireland in Ireland, who find out they’re half-sisters. They embark on a journey to locate their father who is an alcoholic. Two best friends from real life Goldberg and Stanley will make their film debuts as writers and also appear in the film. A co-production between Canada and Ireland.

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SisterS Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: SisterS Season 1 (2023)
Network: AMC+/IFC
Main Cast: Susan Stanley, Sophie Thompson, Sarah Goldberg
Genres: Comedy, Drama

Cast of SisterS Season 1

Susan Stanley As Suze
Sophie Thompson As Sheryl
Sarah Goldberg As Sare
Harki Bhambra As Steve
Donal Logue As Jimmy
Pat Shortt As Deryl
Liam Carney As Mickey
Clare Barrett As Jackie
Lesa Thurman As Rachel

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