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The Accidental Narco Aka Narco-Saints Season 2 Premiere Date on Netflix: Renewed and Cancelled?

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Narco-Saints Plot

A Korean thriller, focusing on the search to find a drug dealer made its debut. The hunt, however, is set in Suriname and the country is depicted in the film as a sanctuary for drug-related criminals, as per officials of Suriname. In response, the Secretary of State threatened legal action against Netflix since the country is not happy with the way it is depicted in the show.

The basic concept of this show which is based on actual facts the basic concept is the same. Everything revolves around an infamous drug dealer who is determined to keep his criminal enterprise operating. There are no gruesome chase scenes in Seoul’s capital Seoul instead, in Suriname. It’s about a rogue agent who is sent to hunt down the Korean drug dealer in Suriname. There will be a lot of fellow Surinamens who are angry due to the fact that Suriname has a reputation internationally as a failed state/ Narco state.

To erase that reputation, we have to alter not only the electoral system but also the whole system. The process of changing the system is changing the constitution, which governs the operation and operation of the system. More checks and checks and. However, the dark forces and the top people who profit from the current system are likely to resent it. Anyone who has directly or indirectly participated in illegal actions in the office is accountable. Also, those who vote in elections for people who are known to have engaged in corrupt actions are equally guilty of our image as a drug-addled and failed state.

When does the new season of Narco-Saints start

Narco-Saints Season 2 Premiere Date on Netflix
Narco-Saints Season 2 is yet to be announced:


Narco-Saints Season 2 Premiere Date — Not Yet Renewed


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Show Information

TV Series: The Accidental Narco Aka Narco-Saints (2022)
Network: Netflix
Main Cast: Ha Jung-Woo, Hwang Jung-Min, Park Hae-Soo
Genre: Drama

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