The Chi Season 6 Premiere Date on SHOWTIME: Renewed and Cancelled?

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The Chi Story

Their families, their love lives as well as their careers, and the community in which they live. Both parents Emmett as well as Tiff are making adjustments while Tiff along with Rob is making their way towards the plot. Jake and Papa are trying to resolve the issues along with Jemma as well as Maisha as Kevin is taking a different path and is looking for a new partner. Kiesha is the mother of the new baby.

There’s a high possibility that Douda is going to return and will be more brutal than ever before. Jada continues to build her life after cancer, as Darnell is looking to her past to guide her future. There is no end to the deceitful plot. Kevin, Papa, and Jake are waiting at the door of Nock responding with guns in front of their faces. Jake and Papa are eager to leave, but they persuade Kevin who prefers to remain and take care of his brother. In the meantime, Nina, Dre, and Emmett give out fliers in the hope of finding Keisha.

A woman came up to Nina and asked her name: Tracy and she murdered her son. She advised Nina not to be frightened even though she was aware she was afraid. Tracy informs Nina that distributing flyers is a gimmick and she’ll need the help of an army as well as a strategy. The guys are in the car along with Trig and Imani They ask for their assistance in finding Keisha.

When does the new season of The Chi start

The Chi Season 6 Premiere Date on Hulu
The Chi Season 6 is yet to be announced:


The Chi Season 6 Premiere Date — 2023


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Show Infomation

TV Series: The Chi
Main Cast: Jacob Latimore, Yolonda Ross, Alex R. Hibbert
Genre: Drama

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