Troldehjertets hemmelighed Season 1 Release Date on DRTV: Cast, Synopsis, Trailer?

Troldehjertets hemmelighed Season 1 Release Date on DRTV
Troldehjertets hemmelighed Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Troldehjertets hemmelighed Season 1 Release Date — ✔️ March 31, 2023

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Troldehjertets hemmelighed Storyline & Synopsis

The forest girl tells the youngsters how the spell is especially intense this evening, which means they are required to not be able to touch the troll who is petrified and lurks in the forest. But thirteen-year-old Karen cannot let go and a mysterious young girl, Rebekka appears in the vicinity. It’s not just her, however, as an unsavory troll has been following. The man Erik delays the wedding of the daughter of his Marie Louise and the stable man Rasmus.

The Secret of the Troll’s Heart is set in the exact space as that of the holiday calendar. It follows the little girl Karen (Karla Larsen Moltsen) who is enticed to the road of adventure with her best friend Rebekka (Luva Rudolph). Lindestrupgard is joined by the newlywed couple Marie-Louise as well as Rasmus. She is taken to a special place and discovers in the process that she’s very different from the rest of us.

The action soon picks up speed and Karen will require assistance from an elderly forest spouse, and two young children along with a special cake as well as all of her love and courage to prevent the possibility of a troll attack on the town of a few people and safeguard the people she loves. The cast of The Secret of the Troll’s Heart is mostly the same as the cast in The Secret of the Christmas Heart.

Troldehjertets hemmelighed Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Troldehjertets Hemmelighed Season 1 (2023)
Network: DRTV
Main Cast: Karla Larsen Moltsen, Isa Thorlacius, Lova Müller Rudolph
Genre: Family

Cast of Troldehjertets hemmelighed

Karla Larsen Moltsen As Karen Høst
Isa Thorlacius As Marie Louise Lindestrup
Lova Müller Rudolph As Rebekka
Maximilian Hale As Rasmus Høst
Mia Lyhne As Rigmor Lindestrup
Esben Dalgaard Andersen As Erik Lindestrup
Lise Baastrup As Miriam
Rasmus Bruun As Cornelius
Vigga Bro As Skovkonen

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