Annika Season 3 Premiere Date on PBS Passport – Cast, Story, Trailer

Annika Season 3 Premiere Date on PBS Passport
Annika Season 3 is yet to be announced:

Annika Season 3 Premiere Date — 2024

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Annika Story

The film was shot in Scotland “Annika” is a drama about Annika Stranded, a mysterious detective who is the head of the Marine Homicide Unit in Glasgow. Similar to the radio show the detective started her career as a member of the murder squad of police in Oslo. The smart, but temperamental teenager daughter Morgan is finding it difficult to adjust to her new home in Glasgow Their complicated mother-daughter bond is an interlude throughout the show.

Although Annika, the sole Annika has a lot on her plate with her child There are many cats that are smacked at work as well. The body of a man was taken out from the River Clyde, with a Harpoon slit through his head. When another murder is committed, it’s an all-out race for Annika to unravel the mystery and stop more victims from becoming victims.

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DI Annika Stranded and her team are given their first case when the body of a man has been taken from Clyde and a harpoon is inserted in his head. They discover that the boat shop owned by the man wasn’t going as planned and that he wasn’t interested in a business that was not reputable. If a subsequent murder is committed it is a race against time to stop more murders from happening.

Show Information

TV Series: Annika Season 3 (2024)
Network: PBS Passport
Main Cast: Nicola Walker, Katie Leung, Jamie Sives
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Cast of Annika Season 3

Nicola Walker As DI Annika Strandhed
Jamie Sives As DS Michael McAndrews
Katie Leung As DC Blair Ferguson
Ukweli Roach As DS Tyrone Clarke
Silvie Furneaux As Morgan Strandhed
Varada Sethu As DC Harper Weston
Sven Henriksen As Magnus Strandhed
Rebecca Root As Alex Carrigan
Russ Bain As Greg Connolly
Jessica Hardwick As Katherine Hyde
Seylan Baxter As Senga MacAuley

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41 thoughts on “Annika Season 3 Premiere Date on PBS Passport – Cast, Story, Trailer”

  1. Unique show filmed in a gorgeous, and haunting, location. Good character development, interesting stories and an all around realistic, believable and talented cast. It’s easy to get invested in their lives. My vote is for the show to be renewed.

  2. Love Annika. Well written. Wonderful lore and literary allusions. Mysteries are well-crafted…not the typical stories one can figure out early…these stories are original. Bring it back for Season 2, please.

  3. My husband and I loved this show. Great quality, amazing performances.
    Interesting new approach in solving murders
    Very much hope for a second season!

    • My husband and I agree with all the positive feedback, uniquely droll tone and outstanding writing. Acting superb, giving actress and supports chance to spin some fun and magic.
      Season 2, please!

  4. Love the show filmed in gorgeous location. Nicola Walker is great as is the rest of the team. Refreshing series , hoping for a second season.🙏

  5. We really enjoyed this smart, at times amusing, and timely drama. Nicola Walker is always a joy to watch and we most definitely hope there will be a second series and perhaps many more.

  6. We really enjoyed the first season of Annika, finding it smart, timely, and often amusing with Annika’s scholarly asides. Please have a second season and perhaps many more.

  7. Fantastic show. Such good acting and great scripts. The last 10 min of episode 6 were amazing. Please do more seasons!

  8. My husband and I loved this series. Anything Nicola Walker is in has been been good, she’s the only actress that could pull off the Annika character. Please bring back a season 2.

  9. I love how smart, funny yet vulnerable Annika is. I’ve enjoyed watching this series and caring for these characters. I wasn’t sure about her breaking the 4th wall at first but I eventually came to enjoy her humorous quips and the literary allusions. Here’s hoping for a season 2!

  10. Absolutely the best PBS series I’ve seen in years!!!! Fantastic. Nicole Walker is superb in everything she does. Sure hope it continues.


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