Marie Antoinette Season 1 Premiere Date on PBS: Cast, Story, Trailer?

Marie Antoinette Season 1 Premiere Date on PBS
Marie Antoinette Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Marie Antoinette Season 1 Premiere Date — ✔️ 19 March 2023

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Marie Antoinette Storyline & Synopsis

The story of this series is about Marie Antoinette of Austria, the last queen of France prior to her death in the French Revolution in 1792. Some loved her, while others whispered that she “single-handedly devastated the entire kingdom in France”. Pickx provides more details about the true Marie Antoinette and the gruesome fate she faced. The historians believe that there are a number of historical mistakes in the series that stars Emilia Schule and Louis Cunningham.

Marie Antoinette has been the victim of harassment by court officials from the French court. On arrival, he gets the dog that is his favorite away from her. The dog is considered to be an intruder and has been kept from the beginning. She is not a fan of her soon-to-be husband. The first season centers on Marie-Antoinette’s youth. Marie-Antoinette was just 14 when she quit her mother and homeland of Austria to marry the dauphin from France. The transition won’t be easy.

The development of Marie-Antoinette’s character is clearly illustrated in two distinct parts. We see her suffering at the beginning of her episodes when the transition into the French court is very painful. Then, the relationship with Louis XVI improves over time and the young queen is able to find satisfaction in the French court. The series follows the first steps of the girl who is a princess in Versailles where a brutal universe awaits her.

Marie Antoinette Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Marie Antoinette Season 1 (2023)
Network: PBS
Main Cast: Emilia Schüle, Jack Archer, Louis Cunningham
Genres: Biography, Drama, History

Cast of Marie Antoinette

Emilia Schüle As Marie-Antoinette
Jack Archer As Provence
Louis Cunningham As Louis XVI
Jasmine Blackborow As Lamballe
Crystal Shepherd-Cross As Adelaïde
Marthe Keller As Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche
Oscar Lesage As Chartres
Caroline Piette As Victoire

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