Outer Range Season 1 Premiere Date on Prime Video: Cast, Story, Trailer?

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Outer Range Story

The show is an engaging Western family saga that has some humor and a touch of supernatural mystery. In the beginning, the Abbotts are dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca. They are pushed to the edge when Tillerson (the extravagant owners of the adjacent ranch that is a lucrative one) is determined to seize their property. The sudden death of a person within the community sets the stage for a series of events that are tense, and the tensions come to a head when an unknown black void appears in the western part of the Abbotts.

Outer Range is a supernatural mystery thriller developed by Brian Watkins. The series revolves around Royal Abbott, a quiet Wyoming Rancher who has no faith in God. His life is dominated by legal and family matters. A visitor known as Autumn is at the property and inquires she is allowed to stay on the property for a while. Although reluctant, the shrewd man accepts her request but then regrets the decision. The problem gets even more complex when a mysterious hole is discovered inside the ranch.

Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) the rancher who fights for his land and his family when he uncovers an incomprehensible mystery in the middle of Wyoming’s wild. An engaging Western family saga, with an element of humor and a touch of supernatural mystery. “Outer Range” explores the ways we confront the mystery of the world.

Outer Range Season 1 Premiere Date

Outer Range Season 1 Premiere Date on Prime Video
Outer Range Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Outer Range Season 1 Premiere Date — ✔️ 15 April 2022

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Show Information

TV Series: Outer Range Season 1 (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Main Cast: Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor, Imogen Poots
Genres: Drama, Mystery

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