Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 Release Date: Know About Plot, Cast & Platform

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 Premiere Date on BritBox
Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 4 of Sister Boniface Mysteries — ✔️ April 29, 2025

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Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 is a United Kingdom Crime-Drama TV Series (2022-Present). Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 will premiere on April 29, 2025, at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET on BritBox. Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4 cast: Lorna Watson, Jerry Iwu, Max Brown.
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Sister Boniface Mysteries Storyline & Synopsis

In the very first season, we got insights into the idyllic village that was Great Slaughter in 1960s Britain. The town was revealed to have a number of dark secrets, and the local police were full of work trying to solve the mystery of murders that took place. Surprisingly they were assisted by the original sister Sister Boniface ( Lorna Watson ).

Sister Boniface is about as far from the traditional monk you can find. She owns her own Vespa and produces her own wine, and holds a doctorate in the field of forensic medicine. She’s back for an additional season that will help the police in solving additional murder cases.

The tiny city located in Great Slaughter hosts the children’s show Jolly Roger’s summer tour which editor Dinah Morgans isn’t amused. When Dinah dies during a show and Sister Boniface is summoned to find out who could be responsible for the murder. Evidence suggests Dinah being murdered however, who is the perpetrator?

To be truthful, “Sister Boniface Mysteries” did not manage to fully eliminate this ill-founded claim by the end of the 10th episode. However, this doesn’t change the humor of the trio that you quickly get used to by hearts and soul. The second one, Camera Rolling!, is tough to beat in terms of one could say – insaneness.

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A popular episode of spy series is being shot on St. Vincent’s Monastery, where – how can possibly be different the murder takes place. The guest stars are with such an amazing, outrageous style that the well-known iconic British humor literally leaps at you right from the screen.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4’?

Show Information

TV Series: Sister Boniface Mysteries (2022-Present)
Network: BritBox
Main Cast: Lorna Watson, Jerry Iwu, Max Brown
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 4’?

  • Lorna Watson – Sister Boniface
  • Jerry Iwu – Felix Livingstone
  • Max Brown – Sam Gillespie
  • Ami Metcalf – Peggy Button
  • Sarah Crowden – Miss Thimble
  • Miranda Raison – Ruth Penny
  • Belinda Lang – Mrs. Clam
  • David Sterne – Tom Thomas
  • Jordan Mifsud – Benson Boyd

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 3 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1Wed Apr 24, 2024
2Episode 2Wed Apr 24, 2024
3Episode 3Wed May 01, 2024
4Episode 4Wed May 01, 2024
5Episode 5Wed May 08, 2024
6Episode 6Wed May 08, 2024
7Episode 7Wed May 15, 2024
8Episode 8Wed May 15, 2024

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