The Ex-Wife Season 2 Premiere Date on BritBox – Cast, Story, Trailer

The Ex-Wife Season 2 Premiere Date on BritBox
The Ex-Wife Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of The Ex-Wife — 💔 Cancelled

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The Ex-Wife Storyline & Synopsis

Inspired by the story written by Jess Ryder. The newlywed Tasha has everything she needs to be content. Beautiful home, a caring husband, and a beautiful baby girl. There’s only one shadow in the room, Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who doesn’t wish to leave the family alone.

The Ex-Wife is a relationship drama about a newlywed couple. Tasha has the perfect home with a wonderful husband and a gorgeous baby girl. However, her ex-wife is determined to stay in the family photo. When Tasha is home and discovers that her life has turned in turmoil, she realizes that the life she’s living may turn into a nightmare. As the story unfolds, however, Jen isn’t the only villain.

The book is dark, menacing, and yet also tragically sad “The Ex-Wife” tells the tale of a dystopian family who is primarily battling the uniqueness of each family member.

“The Ex-Wife” also tries an intriguing plot with complex characters that do not seem to be very popular and seem to be able to uncover all the details about their characters. Jen (Janet Montgomery) is a woman who has retained the Warrington name, making her into the lives of her husband and wife. Jen suddenly finds herself at Tasha’s table that was once hers. The supermarket is not far from her new home with unsubstantial explanations.

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The Ex-Wife Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: The Ex-Wife (2023)
Network: BritBox
Main Stars: Celine Buckens, Janet Montgomery, Tom Mison
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast of The Ex-Wife Season 2

Celine Buckens As Tasha
Janet Montgomery As Jen
Tom Mison As Jack
Jordan Stephens As Sam
Adam Drew As Toby
Clare Foster As Hayley
Amro Mahmoud As Darren
Sam Hoare As Johnny
Rebecka Johnston As Camilla
Sam Bell As Nursery Worker
Abe Jarman As Officer Clarke
Roderick Hill As Officer Warren
Nina Singh As Lola

The Ex-Wife Season 1 – Episodes Guide

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Episode 1August 10, 2023
2Episode 2August 10, 2023
3Episode 3August 10, 2023
4Episode 4August 10, 2023

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