VGLY Season 2 Premiere Date on HBO Max | Cast, Story, Trailer

VGLY Season 2 Release Date on HBO Max
VGLY Season 2 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 2 of VGLY — ✔️ Not Yet Renewed

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VGLY Storyline & Synopsis

The most talked-about new Mexican series follows the journey of the rapper whose name is VGLY an emerging musician who is determined to establish himself in the world of music of Mexico City, and eventually the world. However, before he can enjoy the sweets of success the gang of rappers will be faced with the hurdles that the realm of artist protects, as well as daily challenges in the slums of Mexico’s capital.

VGLY is a tale of progress and friendship that is about a group of young people who want to make a mark in urban life by making music. The band will be confronted by an untrustworthy music industry, an unfamiliar space that could cause them to quit. In this novel, characters are determined to achieve their goals in the world of music which is rife with fake friends, adulation, and even haters. With no contacts or strokes of luck, they are determined to become the next pop star.

The series, written, directed, and composed and written by Sebastian Sarinana, was filmed in one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in Mexico City: ” La Guerrero ” The neighborhood where the hopes of the group of friends are born, fighting to establish a place within the Latin music scene, challenging and challenging the established.

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VGLY Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Vgly (2023)
Network: HBO Max
Main Cast: Juan Daniel García Treviño, Benny Emmanuel, Sasha González
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Musical

Cast of VGLY Season 2

Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino As Flex
Benny Emmanuel As Vgly
Sasha González As Data
Dario Yazbek Bernal As Doctor Mendieta
Emilio Cuaik As Walter
Natanael Cano As Lil Vato
Santiago Espejo As Santi
Norma Pablo As Norma
Joshua Okamoto As Trippy Bacha
Isaac Bravo As Trojans

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