Schnee (Sous la neige) Season 1 Release Date on Arte – Cast, Synopsis, Trailer

Schnee Season 1 Premiere Date on Arte
Schnee Season 1 is yet to be announced:

Is There going to be a Season 1 of Schnee — ✔️ November 16, 2023

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Schnee is a Austrian Mystery-Thriller TV Series (2023). Schnee Season 1 will release on Thursday, November 16, 2023 on Arte. Brigitte Hobmeier, Robert Stadlober, Marie-Luise Stockinger are the cast of Schnee Season 1.
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Schnee Storyline & Synopsis

The physician Lucia Salinger moves with her family from Vienna to her husband’s village in the countryside She hopes for an idyllic village life that is free of the bustle and pollution – her daughter Alma has asthma and is believed to be healthy. Recover the mountain air. On the first night, Alma is enticed by a strange encounter with a woman who hands her a phone. How could that be since the girl has been missing for more than forty years? Lucia discovers that something supernatural happened in the town – as well as that the mysterious Muttstein mountain has a sinister secret.

The Austrian-German production is available in Germany first on arte, and the following year on Erste it tells the story of the story of a family with young children who relocates (back) into in the Tyrolean Alpine village, where it soon encounters strange happenings and mysterious secret. The show, which was created by Michaela Taschenk, sits situated somewhere between natural mysticism and classic horror.

A young Valentina ( Marie-Luise Stockinger ) who took over the village’s shop appears to be a typical critic within the (snow) desert, with her arguments that the removal of a mountain peak is an ecological blunder and the climate change can’t be reversed in the end. Critical arguments are not welcome within this village.

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Gabriela Bacher and Uwe Schott are also on the producer’s side. They were the directors Catalina Molina (“The Dark Paradise”) and Esther Rauch (“Wiping is Power”). The script is written by Kathrin Richter Jurgen Schlagenhof as well as Michaela Taschenk.

Schnee Season 1 Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Schnee (Sous la neige) Season 1 (2023)
Network: Arte
Main Cast: Brigitte Hobmeier, Robert Stadlober, Marie-Luise Stockinger
Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Cast of Schnee Season 1

Brigitte Hobmeier As Lucia Salinger
Robert Stadlober As Matthi Hofer
Marie-Luise Stockinger As Valentina
Laeni Geiseler As Alma
Paolo Di Sapia As Jonas
Maria Hofstätter As Maria
Karl Fischer As Bruno
Sylvia Eisenberger As Aurelia
Matilda Cunietti As Marianne
Stipe Erceg As Prochazka
Katrin Lux As Toni
Lukas Spisser As Benedikt
Walter Tribus As Max
Ann-Birgit Höller As Franzisca
Eva Kuen As Dr. Kofler
Anton Algrang As Jakob Lang
Heinz Marecek As Ferdinand
Oliver Pezzi As Georg Amberger
Marco Boriero As Martin Pichler
Maria Pia Ghedina As Caro
Valentina Schatzer As Rosi
Josefin Bressel As Colleague
Anna Pircher As Receptionist

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