Warszawianka Season 2 Release date on SkyShowtime – Cast, Story, Trailer

Warszawianka Season 2 Release Date on SkyShowtime
Warszawianka Season 2 is yet to be announced:


Is There going to be a Season 2 of Warszawianka — 💔 Cancelled
New 🌻 Spring 2023 TV Show Premiere

Warszawianka Storyline & Synopsis

Warszawianka is a tragicomic tale of a playboy aged forty and an urban legend that constantly wrestles with reality, attempting to understand the significance of his life in the contemporary world. Franek Czczulkowski also known as Czuly (played by Borys Szyc) is a complex character, a reckless night-clubber as well as a serial seducer, and yet an ally to everyone.

With a plethora of ideas and writing skills, Czuly stole the hearts of the generation X however, Czuly was not mature. Being a victim of lost everything, he struggles to comprehend the world of today, with fascinating characters from the city. The photographer behind the images is Piotr Uznanski. Alongside Borys Szyc, we’ll be able to see a variety of Polish actors in the film.

This is a rousing adult-oriented story that is different from other Polish series due to its actors. Find out who else besides Borys Szyc stars in the show. There are plenty of people interested in the show and we’ve taken a closer review of it. “Warszawianka” consists of eleven 40-minute episodes written by Jakub Zulczyk.

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Warszawianka Trailer

Show Information

TV Series: Warszawianka (2023)
Network: SkyShowtime
Main Cast: Zofia Wichlacz, Paulina Galazka, Jerzy Skolimowski
Genres: Comedy, Drama

Cast of Warszawianka Season 2

Zofia Wichlacz
Paulina Galazka
Jerzy Skolimowski
Krystyna Janda

Borys Szyc As Franek Czulkowski
Jerzy Skolimowski
Ilona Ostrowska
Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak
Marianna Zydek
Maja Pankiewicz

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